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Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, formerly known as Honolulu Symphony is among the oldest orchestra companies of the United States. The orchestra was created in 1900 and was first staged at the Punchbowl. In a century of its existence the symphony orchestra has gone through a number of transformations and has confronted a number of challenges and opportunities at the same time. If you want to watch the revival, make sure you book your Hawaii Symphony Orchestra tickets with us today!

About Hawaii Symphony Orchestra

Hawaii Symphony Orchestra is currently being staged at Neal S. Blaisdell Concert Hall in downtown of Honolulu. The venue is Honolulu’s community center of “City and County of Honolulu”. The venue was made in 1964 and was originally named “Hawaii International Center”. Later on it was named after Neil S. Blasdell, the mayor of Honolulu. This arena is a multipurpose center and accommodates concerts, theatrical acts, exhibitions and other such events. In 1994 the venue was renovated and extended. The architecture of the hall is circular and currently is the home for a number of major sporting events. It has been a host of events such as World Wrestling Entertainment, American Idol, Disney on Ice and Sesame Street Live. It has also held matches of volleyball and basketball and various other sports. Hawaii Symphony Orchestra has seen two World Wars, gone through financial crises a number of times and has witnessed the Great Depression, and has yet managed to make it through all these crises situations.
In 2010, Hawaii Symphony Orchestra suffered bankruptcy. That was when JoAnn Falletta landed in the scene. She was appointed as the artistic director. The orchestra also got a new president, Steven Monder, the former director of Cincinnati Symphony. Hawaii Symphony Orchestra’s current artistic director JoAnn Falleta is an orchestral director as well as classic musician belonging to Queen, New York City. She is a graduate of The Julliard School. Her musical career started off as virtuoso guitarist as well as a mandolin player. When she was still a teenager, she was often invited to New York Philharmonic and Metropolitan Opera to perform. After completing her studies, she was appointed as one of the music directors of Virginia Symphony Orchestra. She has also been the music director of The Women’s Philharmonic Orchestra and Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. Hawaii Symphony Orchestra is currently presenting a number of revival shows. After facing the financial crises, it’s making its way back into the main scene. The revival is being named as the “emotional homecoming” of Hawaii’s oldest orchestra. According to the musicians and board of directions, this awakening from a long slumber is going to prove successful and the orchestra will make it. The lineup will consist of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony as the beginning of the show. Symphony Five of Beethoven represents his musical style and life, and is often included as the opening symphony of many orchestras. In past it has been the opening symphony for National Symphony Orchestra, The Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, and New York Philharmonic.
Hawaii Symphony Orchestra is being brought back to life by Symphony Explanatory Committee. It is a committee consisting of a number of businessmen and businesswomen from Hawaii. What they aim to do is to preserve this beautiful heritage of Honolulu and don’t let it become a victim of financial crises that could finally put an end to something that was started a century back. To preserve this heritage, the orchestra will be staged this year at its old venue. The fans have been excited for a long time. It was quite a turn off when the rumors spread that the orchestra will be closed down for good. If you wish to be there when the orchestra faces revival, make sure you book your cheap Hawaii Symphony Orchestra tickets from us right away!