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The Grand Rapids Symphony Cirque Mechanics event features a symphony orchestra and a circus performing arts group coming together to create a show that showcases the best of music and circus arts, creating something breathtakingly fabulous. It is filled with unbelievable stunts and dazzling displays of acrobatics combined with classical music resulting in a show that ranks among the best stage productions today in terms of sheer brilliance. Dubbed magical by many, Grand Rapids Symphony Cirque Mechanics tickets have already been ordered by thousands in anticipation of the upcoming shows.

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About Grand Rapids Symphony Cirque Mechanics

The Grand Rapids Symphony Cirque Mechanics event will also feature, for the first time, the "Gantry Bike” inside a concert hall. This is an eighteen foot tall machine on which acrobats, contortionists and aerialists perform while the Grand Rapids Symphony orchestra performs popular compositions in the background. This show that is the product of collaboration between Cirque Mechanics and the Grand Rapids Symphony. Both are exceptionally renowned in their respective fields and are renowned for some of the most remarkable onstage performances.
Cirque Mechanics is a unique company that marries modern circus arts with mechanical marvels. Unlike other circus companies which hide their machines, Cirque Mechanics strives to display them and create a unique performance showing synergy between machine and performer, resulting in an interactive experience that is magical at best. Added to this, the company often blends stunning visuals and this time around has classical orchestra music to add to it. The Grand Rapids Symphony Cirque Mechanics show will feature pieces such as Mozart's Le Nozee di Figaro Overture, K.492, Vivaldi's The Four Seasons of which Summer will be played, Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man and Dukas's The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Many have already booked cheap Grand Rapids Symphony Cirque Mechanics tickets for this event.
John Varineau will conduct the Grand Rapids Symphony Cirque Mechanics show with a number of guest artists supporting the symphony. The Grand Rapids Symphony, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan is one of the oldest orchestras in the region. It celebrated its seventy-fifth anniversary in 2005 at the Carnegie Hall in New York City and has performed concerts all over the state of Michigan with many of its shows broadcasted on such channels as WBLV.
In 2003, the Grand Rapids Symphony performed at the Orchestra Hall as part of the inauguration of the Max M. Fisher Music Center in Detroit. It has toured much of the Upper Peninsula and performed in a large number of universities including Interlochen Center for the Arts, Ferris State University, Lake Superior State University, Michigan Technological University and Northern Michigan University. Its projects include the Symphony Chorus, the Grand Rapids Youth Symphony and Classical Orchestra and the Grand Rapids Youth Symphony Chorus. It has also performed with the Grand Rapids Ballet Company and the Opera Grand Rapids.
Its current music director is David Lockington with John Varineau as the associate conductor. It regularly collaborates with the local community, helping bridge cultures, particularly African American one and artists having set up a special scholarship fund for it. It also organizes eight concert series for young children and adults, titled The Richard and Helen DeVos Classical Series, SymphonicBoom Series, Pops Series, Rising Stars Series, Lollipop Concerts, Coffee Classics, and Family Series. In short, this is a show to see live via cheap Grand Rapids Symphony Cirque Mechanics tickets.

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