Grand Rapids Symphony Beethoven Solemn Mass Tickets

Grand Rapids Symphony Beethoven Solemn Mass tickets are amongst the highest selling shows of the city which just goes to show how far the orchestra has come. The music and creative director for the symphony is David Lockington, while the conductor is John Varineau. In a year, they perform up to 8 concert series. They are all especially designed to capture the interest of all ages, in particular the youth, so that the knowledge of classical music is embedded in them from an early age. For this reason, they always make sure to have performance styles that have a wide spread and that appeal to people with different preferences as well. In a year, they can perform nearly 400 shows and have reached out to about 170,000 people in their time. Nearly fifty percent of the people they have affected through their programs are children, disabled persons and senior citizens who take their community classes and other educational courses.

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About Grand Rapids Symphony Beethoven Solemn Mass

Their main objective has always been to become an important part of the West Michigan culture. For this reason, they have initiated and sponsored a number of programs that help people understand what they do by becoming a part of it. They provide aid to the “Grand Rapids Symphony Chorus”, and sponsor the youth symphony and choruses as well. They also play music for the “Grand Rapids Ballet Company” and the “Opera Grand Rapids” in all the various productions that they put together. Thus, they already have spread their roots wide into the community. They want to be an example of musical fineness in the country and to be known for their varied programs that benefit performers of every kind. The GRO has invested so much into the performing arts sector of the city, simply to enrich the people’s lives and to provide something substantial in their enculturation process. They believe that the arts improve the quality of life in any given community. Therefore, they realize that by being the outlet that provided these attributed, they are achieving their vision by becoming an indispensible part of the Michigan society. They still want that people from the region take their name in pride and list them as one of the city’s cultural faucets.
The GRO has two main goals: to be integral and indispensible to the society. In their vision, they can achieve being indispensible by putting together amazing concerts frequently and by holding educational courses side by side that would be open to all and would help them in understanding the music being played. As their community is becoming increasingly business based, they do not want the arts to be forgotten and want to stand in its very heart as the representatives for it. The management at GRO believes that even though they are not a strictly business entity, they are providing economic growth to their state by providing jobs to the many musicians, teachers, conductors and singers through their many programs. They claim that they can be integral by inviting the people of the city to be part of their organization. They do not only want people to simply listen to one of their concerts and be done. They want to provide them with the complete experience that takes them beyond the music. The GRO also wants to provide service to the city by investing in education; classical music taught to children as part of their school program. The Grand Rapids Symphony Beethoven Solemn Mass tickets will thus provide you with the opportunity of listening to the orchestra’s latest production which has already garnered excellent reviews on their previews.

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