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Crash Ensemble is a Dublin based contemporary music outfit. It was the brainchild of composer Donnacha Dennehy who along with clarinetist Michael Seaver and conductor/pianist Andrew Synott formed it in 1997. The group has the freshest and the most talented composers and instrument players. It has recorded for NMC Recordings (London) and Cantaloupe Music (New York). The group is popular for its signature live concerts where a variety of instruments are played alongside electronic music. Other art forms also inspire this live play and the result is “beautifully crazy new party music”. The Ensemble has done really well in Irish mainstream music and has also revered the international music front.

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About Crash Ensemble

Crash Ensemble’s very first concert was staged under Dennehy’s direction the same year. This concert was the jump start for the ensemble. With a lineup of eleven performers, conductor Alan Pierson and Dennehy presented a spectacular show. It was a launch project where the video, sounds and light effects highlighted their performance. Crash Ensemble tickets for every concert following this show became a rage. The group’s popularity grew quiet quickly and in a decade’s time, it was tagged as one of the best in contemporary music.
A year after the group formed the ensemble had a lineup loaded with some of the most talented musicians. Natasha Lohan led the ensemble with her beautiful vocals backed by David Adams on the piano/ keyboards. John Godfrey and Malachy Robinson took charge of the rhythm and double bass guitars. Susan Doyle on the flute, Owen Gunnell on the percussion and Deirdre O’Leary on the clarinet played some of the most mesmeric music together. Backing them were Kate Ellis on the cello, Lisa Grosman on the viola, Emily Thyne on the violin and Roddy O'Keefe on the trombone.
The ensemble has been influenced by totalist/post-minimalist music from US, Holland and Ireland. Composers from post-new Hague school music and minimalists like Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Roberto Carnevale, Louis Andriessen, Gavin Bryars, Philip Glass and Kevin Volans also inspired Dennehy. All these names have helped the Crash Ensemble to create their very own kind and style of music. Works of names like Stephen Gardner, Jurgen Simpson, Peter Adriaansz, Arnold Dreyblatt and Raymond Deane have been presented by the ensemble on many live concerts and festivals. There is another list of artists whose works have been explored and then staged by the ensemble through proper commissioning. This list has artists such as Ian Wilson, Michael Gordon, Jennifer Walshe, Linda Buckley, Andrew Hamilton Gerhard Stabler, John Godfrey, Julie Feeney amongst others.
After almost five years of great success, Crash Ensemble became active in projecting contemporary music. It has been this genre with contemporary music festivals in cities like Dublin, New York and Reich. The ensemble’s live shows have taken international contemporary music scene by storm. The band has been called on demand to tour in n Ireland, Canada, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK. The band is all set to hit the US soil this summer. To have a dose of their high energy contemporary live music, grab Crash Ensemble tickets ASAP!
The Ensemble is an internationally revered name in live contemporary music. It has explored and evolved in a very positive way, giving its music a facelift every now and then. The ensemble has been making headlines with its groundbreaking concerts and festival performances. Their contribution to new-party has given a new life and soul to Dublin’s budding contemporary music scene.
The Huddersfield Contemporary Music festival in 2012 was an upbeat celebration of the vision of the band’s co-founder Dennehy. The explosive music and its pulsating patterns kept the audiences pushing for more rhythm and beat. It was an event that has represented contemporary in its true spirits. The event has brilliantly showcased the group’s music like never before. The Ensemble’s rhythmic profile on this festival has some of the most hip and happening numbers from party and contemporary music charts. Hits like Streetwalker, As An Nós "kicking a habit", Disposable Dissonance and Grá Agus Bás were played in the group’s edge cutting style. The audiences swayed and danced the night away with their mind blowing performance. With this event, it became clear that the Ensemble was the best next thing in contemporary music.
Crash Ensemble will be touring and performing in some of the hottest venues across the country. Fans are advised to book cheap Crash Ensemble tickets as early as possible as they are high in demand and are likely to sell out in no time. Act now!

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