Colorado Symphony Orchestra Giants of Classicism Tickets

Two of the greatest classical music creations will come to life once again when the Colorado Symphony Orchestra Giants of Classicism gets underway. The event promises to be every classical theater and music fan’s dream come to true. The stage is set for Silver Ainomae to take center stage and re-create the magic of Mozart and Haydn. So book your Colorado Symphony Orchestra Giants of Classicism tickets now and catch this special live.

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About Colorado Symphony Orchestra Giants of Classicism

The stage for this epic performance will be provided by the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, a special venue in its own right. It was incepted in 1989 to take the place of Denver Symphony. The seeds for this transition were planted a year earlier. The Denver Symphony cancelled the season’s first three weeks in 1988. That was done due to financial constraints and problems. In March next year what was left of the season was let go off as well.
John Wetherill and Terry Smith, former bassoonist and percussionist respectively of the Denver Symphony formed the CSO because the management of the Denver Symphony had declared the organization bankrupt. The musicians from the Denver Symphony were hired to start proceedings at the CSO. It all started off on a small scale but that changed in 1993 with the arrival of Marin Aslop as the Colorado Symphony Orchestra’s director of music.
With Aslop pulling the strings at the top, the CSO finally began to make its presence felt and generate headlines. She left the post in 2005 and is now the conductor laureate at the CSO.  That was the start of a journey that has not turned it into one of the premier orchestral destinations in the US and abroad. Jeffrey Kahane and Andrew Litton have followed Alsop in as music directors and have more than played their part in turning the CSO what it is today.
The Colorado Symphony Orchestra Giants of Classicism will feature Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 and Haydn’s Cello Concerto No.1 in a double treat of classical genius at its spellbinding best. The compositions will be played by none other than CSO’s principal cello, Silver Ainomae who is a remarkable talent. Ainomae began to learn cello in 1988 when he was only four years old in Estonia. His father was a horn player from France whereas Ainomae’s mother was a violinist. So in a way he was born with the love for music in his genes.
He re-located to Finland aged only eight and furthered his musical studies at the Turku Conservatory as well as Sibelius Academy. He began his professional career as a cello by performing in various parts of Europe as a freelancer. His talents were there for everyone to see and that brought his way the chance to work at the Helsinki Philharmonic and Philharmonia Orchestra in London. After performing at a freelancer in multiple countries, Ainomae decided to try for a permanent job. So he took a friend along and moved to the US. The CSO was looking for a cello and for that extensive auditioning sessions were being conducted. Ainomae decided to give it a try. His skills didn’t go unnoticed by the management of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra who asked him to become the chief cello, an offer he accepted in 2009.
Silver Ainomae is now among the most celebrated names in classical music who has captivated millions around the globe with his special talents. His exploits have earned him numerous awards and accolades both nationally and on the global scale. The Colorado Symphony Orchestra Giants of Classicism isn’t too far away. The stage is set for Ainomae to show his world class talents once again and revive a couple of stunning creations by two of the most ionic figures in classical music history. This is your chance to grab cheap Colorado Symphony Orchestra Giants of Classicism tickets and be a part of this captivating performance.

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