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Get ready for a special journey to a mesmerizing world of music, circus and performing arts when the scintillating Cirque Musica comes to town. The event is unlike any other in the world that combines different facets of entertainment into one unbelievable extravaganza. It has mesmerized millions and is now coming back for its latest installment. Book your Cirque Musica tickets and catch it live.

About Cirque Musica

Cirque Musica is a production that is put on show by “The Cooking Group.” The organization is among the most famous entertainment and marketing companies in the world today. Musica is a production that is looked after by “TCG Productions,” a separate entity by the same group geared toward providing fans with the most breathtaking events. Cirque Musica is a fabulous concert cum circus that has mesmerized fans all around the globe with all that it has to offer for the fans. Some of the most renowned circus performers in the world dazzle audiences with their skills on music composed by some of the most biggest names in the business.
Pop , symphonies and orchestra there is everything that a music fan look for. When that is combined with the performances of the best circus performers on the circuit, the result is what people all over the world have come to know as Cirque Musica. TCG and TCG productions are both headed by none other than Stephen Cook. He is not only the top man of both companies but is also the guy responsible for their formation. Cook has a long illustrious history with performing arts. He has held high ranking positions in entities like the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Six Flags and the famous Feld Entertainment. Cook knew what he was doing when he started TCG and the results have gone on to prove that.
“Debbie Gibson” is the current composer of Cirque Musica. She was born with a special talent for compositions that first came to the fore when she was only five years old. Eight years down the line she came out with her first major hit “Only in my dreams.” She followed that up with the track “Foolish Beat” that went to the top of the Billboard Hot 100. Debbie has been on a roll ever since. She has multiple number one hits and sales of over sixteen million albums to her credit. Not only that, but she has also worked on Broadway productions like Les Miserables and Beauty and the Beast.
“Christopher Walls” has been entrusted with the responsibilities of a “Music Director.” He is a brilliant conductor who has worked with the biggest names in the industry all over the world. He specializes in orchestras and keeping live audiences connected to the performance. He also helps to promote aspiring talent so that they are given a proper platform to launch their careers.
“Tracy Silverman” has a diverse portfolio as a music director. He has now confined himself to a particular genre which has allowed him to work with the most famous names in jazz, classical, rock and pop to rank among the most versatile music directors today. The orchestrator “Richard Maslove” has extensive knowledge of what it takes to orchestrate music in a wide range of genres. From stages to television and all the way to performing at major events he has been there and has done it all.
Last but definitely not the least comes “Marcelo Zarvos.” He has worked on movies, television and stage as a brilliant original music composer. His works have gone on to grace award winning productions and that has put him in the company of the most celebrated names in the field. Cirque Musica is a production that is looked after, performed and produced by some of the most brilliant minds in the business. What makes it so special is all these different facets combining in one smooth yet energetic performance that keeps the audience glued to the stage. Now that its latest edition is not too far away book your cheap Cirque Musica tickets and experience it live.