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The Chucho Valdés Quartet is a band lead by the Grammy Award-winning virtuoso Latin jazz pianist, Chucho Valdés. Widely recognized as one of the best jazz pianists in the world, Valdés has led a long and successful career, marked by collaborations with some of jazz music’s biggest luminaries. Valdés is a gifted arranger and composer, but is also an accomplished bandleader and nowhere is it more evident than in the Chucho Valdés Quartet. The band is gearing up for a string of performances throughout the United States, much to the anticipation of jazz fans, who are sure to be eager to catch a performance. Needless to say, Chucho Valdés Quartet tickets are sure to be in high demand.

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About Chucho Valdes Quartet

Valdés was born in Quivicán, Cuba in 1941 and is the son of the renowned Cuban pianist and composer Bebo Valdés and former pianist and singer, Pilar Rodriguez. In such a household, Valdés was almost destined for the life of a musician and so, not surprisingly, began to play music as early as the age of three. Initially, he would try to play the melodies that he has heard on the radio, by ear. It wasn’t long until the older Valdés took up the charge of training his son, who soon began a long journey to stardom. Among the many tutors that Valdés had were such prominent master pianists as Oscar Muñoz Boufartique, Zenaida Romeu, Federico Smith and Rosario Franco. Valdés also received instruction in composition from Leo Brouwer and attended the Municipal Music Conservatory of Havana till the age of fourteen. And by the age of sixteen, Valdés had started a jazz trio of his own, of which he was the bandleader.
After the completion of his formal training, Valdés began to pursue his career in earnest. He spent the latter part of the 1950s playing small shows in hotels all over Havana. Valdés also performed with his father’s Sabor de Cuba orchestra, which featured many of the era’s most important singers, such as Fernando Alvarex, Rolando Laserie and Pio Leyva. For a short period during the early 1960s, Valdés worked as the pianist at the Martí Theatre and the International Salon of Havana Riviera Hotel. Then in his 1963, after a brief stint in the Musical Theatre of Havana’s orchestra, Valdés was recommended by his old teacher, Leo Brouwer, to start a band of his own. Two years later, Valdés started Gaupachá, which was widely heralded as a new chapter in Cuban music as well as a precursor to his most famous endeavor, Irakere.

Throughout the remainder of the 1960s, Valdés honed his skills as a bandleader whilst simultaneously performing with the likes of the Cuban Modern Music Orchestra. In 1970, he made his debut with his band at the Jamboree International Jazz Festival in Poland. This marked the first time after the 1950s that a Cuban jazz group performed abroad and the band earned widespread praise from jazz legends like Dave Brubeck. Valdés is particular achieved a lot of recognition, and along with such luminaries as Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea, became one of the top five jazz pianists in the world. Beginning in the early 1970s, Valdés started to focus on becoming a recording artist and released his first ever commercial LP, titled Jazz Bata. In the following year, Valdés embarked on what would go on to become what is popularly thought to be the most important group is the history of Cuban music during the latter part of the 20th century. This band was Irakere, which was born out of Valdés’ desire for a larger ensemble. The band’s music was an explosive mixture of traditional Cuban music, jazz, classical music and even rock.
Over the course of a career that has spanned more than five decades, Valdés has accumulated many honors and accolades. These include eight Grammy Awards as well as a number of honorary doctorate degrees, such as the one from Victoria University in 1997. Valdés was also inducted into the Hall of Fame of Latin Jazz in 2000. The Chucho Valdés Quartet is one of Valdés’ most recent undertakings and features Raul Pineda on drums, Roberto Vizcaino on percussion, Frank Rubio on bass and Valdés himself on piano. The band’s music benefits from the versatile musical style of Valdés, who fuses several disparate influences into one cohesive whole. The Chucho Valdés Quartet is now set to perform all over America and jazz fans will be happy to know that cheap Chucho Valdés Quartet tickets are now up for grabs.

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