Charlotte Symphony Knightsounds Pop Up Opera Tickets

If you have a taste for symphony orchestras, you would surely know about Charlotte Symphony, the biggest performing arts group based in Carolinas. Get Charlotte Symphony KnightSounds – Pop up Opera tickets to see this renowned opera live.

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About Charlotte Symphony Knightsounds Pop Up Opera

Employing about a hundred professionals, the symphony has around one hundred performances every season. Sixty-two of these professionals have permanent contracts with Charlotte. Around 20,0000 people attend their concerts each year. A Spanish composer and conductor, Guillermo S. de Roxlo, gathered fifteen musicians and formed Charlotte Symphony in 1932 that has a mission to ‘perform great symphonic music’. The symphony seeks to better its whole community through entertaining, enriching and educating music. The orchestra principally performs in the North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center. Christof Perick is the conductor who led the orchestra from 2001-2010 and still works with it as a conductor. Till date, Charlotte has had eleven music directors, Christopher Warren-Green being the most recent one. Emily P. Smith is its current chairperson and Brian S. Cromwell is its vice chairperson.
A major initiative was taken by the orchestra in 1961. It opened the Charlotte Symphony Youth Orchestras that train young musicians for the atmosphere of a proper professional symphony. Violinist Dr. Ernest Pereira leads these two hundred budding artists belonging to more than sixty schools in Charlotte. Students from grade four till twelve can be a part of this orchestra that rehearses every week and receives coaching from Charlotte Symphony experts. Under its New American Orchestra campaign, Charlotte Symphony provides cellos and violins to students who do not own their own instruments. These instruments are used to fulfill the orchestra’s need of instruments for local programs.
Charlotte also has curriculum-based shows that are designed according to North Carolina’s music syllabus for third to eighth graders. Some of the recently performed concerts are ‘Rhythm Around the World’, ‘Audible Imagery: Water as Music’, ‘Historical Measures: A Musical Timeline’, ‘Celebrate America!’ and ‘Musically Speaking: The Composer’s Voice’. The symphony goes beyond engaging young musicians; it provides various development workshops at a professional level. These workshops have been designed for both budding minds and music professionals. The different programs offered include ‘Basic Composition’, ‘Arts Integration’, ‘Creative Expression’, ‘Community-based Composition’, ‘Curriculum Design’, ‘Multi-Disciplinary’, ‘Orff-Schulwerk’ and ‘Assessment and Evaluation’. Through such programs, the symphony focuses on integrating music into academic curriculum and developing and polishing musician’s skills. Its purpose is also to use research for enhanced musical compositions and to help both musicians and teachers better understand the process behind music composition.
‘Pop Up’ Opera is a concert that is included in the imaginative and highly creative series, ‘KnightSounds’. The title of the 2013 series’ first show is ‘Ballroom!’ Conducted by Jacomo Rafael Bairos, Ballroom is a themed show that focuses on Charlotte Symphony’s concert and has contributions from cultural and educational institutions added to it. It combines samba, tango, waltz and rumba in a unique show that has Metropolitan Ballroom dancers. What is even more interesting is the way it has been followed by a post-show fancy dance party. The party has been titled ‘Fancy Shoe Night’ and attendees are encouraged to put on their fanciest and funkiest shoes to join the dance floor. Professional dancers would be leading the impromptu dance and the audience can join in to enjoy a wonderful time with their partners and other attendees.
The next show to follow in the series is ‘Pop Up’ Opera. Scott Allen Jarrett would be conducting the show. This creative show is a joint effort by the Ontario Singers and the Charlotte Symphony. The two have gotten together to present dramatic and captivating choruses that feature VH1-style music pop-ups along with behind-the-curtain material. Attendees can even have their picture taken right before the concert’s start or after its end. The picture is taken in a photo booth that has Opera inspired decorations and props. Refreshments including soda, wine or beer would be served as part of the admission package. Cheap Charlotte Symphony KnightSounds – Pop up Opera tickets are now available for you to enjoy a live concert with some of the most beautiful music compositions presented in a fresh and entertaining way.

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