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The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra is central Carolinas’ largest performing arts organization. The Orchestra is one of the finest in the county. With over hundred feature performances in each season, the Symphony showcases brilliant classic and contemporary music concerts. The Charlotte Symphony is an ensemble of hundred plus professional musicians who work and train tirelessly to bring mesmeric performances, time and again. The Symphony has a great fan following; it attracts over two hundred thousand people each season. Charlotte Symphony KnightSounds Ballroom tickets present yet another exciting concert. Loaded with the zing and energy of Latin American dance music, Charlotte Symphony KnightSounds Ballroom is a show bound to entertain your senses inside out!

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The Orchestra dates back to 1932 when Guillermo S. de Roxlo with his fifteen musicians came forward for their first public appearance. With Roxolo leaving the Orchestra, the ensemble welcomed ten music directors. From 2001-10 Christof Perick lead the orchestra as the director and conductor. During his charge of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, the first ever compact disc featuring the wonder works of the orchestra was released. It was a brilliant collection of masterworks by maestros none other than Mahler, Beethoven, Mozart and Schubert. Christof Perick conducted all these acts with skill and precision; making this collection a memorable collection of timeless music.
Christopher Warren-Green took charge of the Symphony as its eleventh music director. As the conductor laureate for the season 2010-2011 Green was able to create and present some of the best concerts in the Orchestra’s history. The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra has been working towards the goal of supporting classic music forms. It is also trying to bridge the gap between conventional and classical music and connect them in many ways. The Orchestra runs fundraiser for it Celebrate America campaign through a concert at the Charlotte’s Symphony Park. The Blumenthal Performing Arts Center is the home of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra. It has witnessed the best seasons of the symphony as well as some special and extraordinary events. Everything from classical musical bonanzas, fundraisers and galas marking anniversaries, birthday or other celebrations are hosted at this venue.
Charlotte Symphony KnightSounds Ballroom tickets are the biggest attraction for orchestra music lovers. These tickets offer a chance to be a part of the critically acclaimed series of concerts by the Orchestra called the KnightSounds. The KnightSounds series is a concert experience of a different kind. It follows an unconventional concert approach. Jonathan Martin, the Symphony’s Director and President has designed it as a model for others to follow. It has everything from refreshments to community activities that keep audiences involved before and after the show. During the show production aspects like lighting and multimedia have been used to create an acoustic experience that new and returning fans are sure to fall in love with. This year the KnightSounds Series has been lifted to a level higher than before. The series is loaded with musical entertainment for all kinds of theater goers. It includes many highlights with include two new ones namely the Ballroom Dancing and the American Pioneers. Apart from these two the Charlotte Symphony KnightSounds will also present The Power of Song and Pop Up Opera.
Charlotte Symphony KnightSounds Ballroom brings to life the magic and splendor of dance oriented music. The show lights up the stage with feature presentations by artist Tacomo Rafael Bairos. Barios will be conducting a wide range of acts which will be presented by dancers from the MET Ballroom. The show is all about singing and swaying to the beats and rhythm of Tango, Rumba and Samba. With the thrill of Latino dance music in the house, the show can be expected to the high-energy dose of music. It will surely become a dance concert that will keep audiences engaged from curtain rise to drop. The show is a riveting and interesting collection of sounds and music from the world of Latin song and dance. This concert is bound to engage audiences like other KnightSounds shows. Charlotte’s cultural and support community will also see the freshness and dynamics of this show.
Charlotte Symphony KnightSounds Ballroom is a brand new orchestral experience. With the Knight Theater’s New Orchestral Shell in place, it has become a super inviting experience. Audiences are already talking about going to the show and experience enhanced acoustics in a multi-sensory way. The Ballroom will be created with sound dynamics and onstage dancers to give a fuller, more aural experience. Cheap Charlotte Symphony KnightSounds Ballroom tickets should be purchased earlier to find the best place in the New Shell. Rush now!

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