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Brooklyn Youth Chorus is a one of the best Chorus institutions dedicated to help children explore their potential for music and to develop skills and confidence and musicians. They host beautifully moving performances quite regularly providing the community with delightful new songs and an expansive repertoire.Though the BYCA based in Brooklyn, it is a real New York institution that attracts students from all over the boroughs, only to form a splendid mosaic of diverse experiences and cultures. Their scholarship program has made them quite affordable despite the students’ ability to pay. It is all part of their mission to help the talented and young from all backgrounds to achieve as well as surpass their ambitions as people and musicians. Given the BYCA students’ distinct accomplishments, it is no surprise to see why Brooklyn Youth Chorus tickets are such a sought-after treat among families.

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About Brooklyn Youth Chorus

Founded in 1992, the Brooklyn Youth Chorus has come a long way from an initial class of forty-five children rehearsing in Downtown Brooklyn in a donated space, to over four hundred students enjoying a broad range of musical courses in the Chorus’s very own renovate center in Cobble Hill, as well as at their Bedford-Stuyvesant Music Annex. With the encouragement of founder and artistic director Dianne Berkun, they have been able to grow into quite an elevating artistic community, dedicated to the developing self-esteem and confidence with every harmony and high note.
The mission of the Academy is to offer exceptional choral performances and music training to its students as well as the community to enrich their lives. Through the experiences of making professional-level presentations, and music study, the BYCA has brought children together from various backgrounds, and helped them become expressive, bold musicians and individuals. The Academy strives to take further steps to the advancement of its youth choruses’ artistic role though collaborations, innovative concert performances, and regular commissioning of newer choral repertoire.  
Formed on the basis on artistry, diversity and community, the approach of Brooklyn Youth Chorus has already made breakthroughs. Music critics, audiences and peers have praised their shows, describing them as ‘accomplished and thriving’, ‘angelic’ and ‘innately musical’. Their rising reputation has taken them the Lincoln Center to the White House, from Radio City Music Hall to Madison Square Garden, overseas to Russia and across twelve states including, the UK, Germany, Canada and Australia. Along with such growth, renowned artists and orchestras have chosen to collaborate with them including the likes of Brooklyn, New York and Los Angeles Philharmonics; Ray Davies, John Legend, Sir Elton John, Judy Collins, Lou Reed, and Barbra Streisand; under the baton of Leon Botstien, Robert Spano, Charles Dutoit, Esa-Pekka Salonen, James Levine, Lorin Maazel, and Valery Gergiev; and alongside Wally Cardona and the Mark Morris dance companies. They have recorded with Laurie Berkner, Holy Ghst, Talib Kweli, and Grizzly Bear, and sang for Philip Glass’ movie Undertow on its soundtrack.

Brooklyn Youth Chorus has gained enormous recognition in the shape of accolades including a Grammy won in 2005 in the category of Best Classical Album. Alongside they played at the 2002 world premier of the Pulitzer prize-winning
performance under the New York Philharmonic and Lorin Maazel. The next year, they performed at the NYC premiere of El Nino by Mr. Adam, with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, playing under the lead of Esa-Pekka Salonen. These remarkable feats flow from the supportive while at the same time, challenging musical community the Chorus has developed. At BYNCA, they carefully guide their student through the progression of six ensembles, with each building on earlier musical and vocal skills while also introducing new ones. Everyone participates in ensemble presentation while also attending rehearsal classes. Many students also go for private instrument and voice lessons, choosing from their intensive electives programs.
The Chorus also develops new choral music from various genres by commissioning arrangers and composers like Pulitzer Prize winners Daniel Brewbaker, Joel Martin, Shara Worden, Missy Mazzoli, BBryce Dessner, James MacMillan, Kirk Nurock, Nico Muhly, Andrew Lippa, Fred Hersch, Pil Kline, Paul Moravec and David Lang.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to watch their incredibly talented and inspiring children perform; just grab some cheap Brooklyn Youth Chorus tickets now.

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