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The Brooklyn Festival is a musical event that takes place each year in New York. It is a concert series that intends to celebrate singers, musicians and other such artists that come from Brooklyn. The city has always been the centre of performing arts. Be it dancers of any style, singers of any genre, or film makers of any category, Brooklyn has always been driven by its creative produce. Thus, the festival celebrates all those people who have added something significant to the music industry and have represented the city well. In the past, they have honored people like Ted Hearne who is known for redefining electronic music and for putting a definite mark on art rock. Composers and songwriters like Tyondai Braxton have also been lauded by the production management. This year around, the team will be focusing entirely on artists who have made a considerable contribution to American music. For this reason, they have invited Aaron Copland to be the headlining star. He will be joined by Cameron Carpenter who will be the featured organ player during the entire event. Brooklyn Festival Cameron Carpenter tickets have already gone on sale.

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This year the Brooklyn Festival wants to go back to its roots where, what is now considered old school music can be played and enjoyed. Copland will be making this possible with his composition that will be executed by his talent organ symphony. They will be performing a piece that was composed by Copland for Nadia Boulanger who was his teacher. At the time he had composed the music to be played by the “Boston Symphony Orchestra”. The composer has been very vocal about the Brooklyn influences in his work. He talks of the rhythms and sections of the compositions that might not even have existed had he been from anywhere other than his hometown.  This will be the perfect time to showcase a talent that has not only nourished, but also originated in Brooklyn.
The festival is a production of the “Los Angeles Philharmonic”. They are the LA based symphony orchestra that has been working very hard towards defining what symphonies should be like in the 21st century. They believe in originality and reinvention, although they play classical tunes unlike any other, retaining all the integrity and depth of the original composition. They have received worldwide fame and are amongst the critic’s favorite orchestras. They are also one of the pioneers in encouraging innovation in symphony orchestras all around the world. They take their projects abroad and encourage artists to be creative and free with their music. This is made possible by them scheduling worldwide tours every year. Very few orchestras embark on such projects on such a large scale. People will be buying cheap Brooklyn Festival Cameron Carpenter tickets to see the featured organ player. Carpenter is someone who has made a name for himself for not just being a musician in the background. Rather he is a showman who has become known for his unique arrangements and a special eye for composition.
He is prolific in his talent because he has a master’s degree from one of the United States most prestigious music schools, Julliard. This is a place where many musicians of the highest caliber aspire to go. During his time at the school, he trained with people like Paul Jacobs, Gerre Hancock and John Waver. He is also a diverse performer who was also a part of the “Middle Collegiate Church” even though he has claims to be secular in his beliefs. Still, it was the music of the church that inspired him, and he held his place as the resident organ player for around a year, finally giving up his time in 2009.
Critics have varied opinions on Carpenter. Some sing his praises, lauding the risks that he takes with his playing in which he defies all traditions. Others call his style of playing controversial and amateur. While some understand his need to be different, others find it offensive that he finds the need to change compositions that have been considered classics for many years. If you can find cheap Brooklyn Festival Cameron Carpenter tickets, you will be able to decide where he lies on the spectrum for yourself. What can be absolutely guaranteed at the festival, however, is Carpenter’s dramatic liberation of his compositions. While it may startle those who prefer tradition, it is bound to put on a show that cannot go unnoticed.

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