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Thomas Wilkins, one of the leading African American conductors of the country is all set for his live concerts. Due to the reputation of the music director and his orchestra performances, Thomas Wilkins tickets have always been in high demand. Born in Norkfolk, Virginia, Wilkins was inspired to lead an orchestra at eight years of age. This was in result to a rendition of the American national anthem ‘Star Spangled banner’ hearing which had a lasting impression on his young mind. Pursuing his interest, the conductor went on to graduate in music education at the Shenandoah Conservatory of Music in 1978. He further received a master’s degree in music from the New England Conservatory of Music, Boston in orchestral conducting.

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About Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra Thomas Wilkins

As a conductor, Thomas Wilkins has performed with a number of orchestras in the US. He is the current Omaha Symphony Music Director, a position he has held since 2005. He is also Hollywood Bowl Orchestra’s chief guest conductor. Duo to high demand he has served as a frequent guest conductor in many other orchestra symphonies. These include Dallas Symphony, the Cleveland Orchestra, the Houston Symphony, the National Symphony (D.C) as well as the Atlanta Symphony. He has also been the resident conductor of the Detroit Symphony and the Florida Orchestra (Tampa Bay). In the recent past he debuted with a number of other orchestras like the Utah Symphony, the Rochester (NY), the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra and the Los Angeles Philharmonic.
One of his major accomplishments is becoming the lead conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Taking on this role in 2011, Wilkins became the first African-American to direct the orchestra in the history of its performances. Following the success of the Boston Orchestra’s first season with the orchestra master, he was named amongst the ‘Best people and Ideas of 2011’ by the Boston Globe. Thomas Wilkins has also been honored with the Classical Roots Musical Achievement Award by the DSO. Besides conducting, Wilkins also serves amongst the music faculties of a number of universities like North Park University in Chicago, Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond and the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga.
The country’s famous orchestra conductor names another African-American James DePriest as one of his mentors. DePriest is the director of conducting and orchestral studies at the Juilliard School as well as the Oregon Symphony director. Wilkins attended a seminar by the exceptionally talented conductor and was mesmerized by his playing. Here was an artist that not only looked like him but also shared the same music sensibilities. Wilkins credits DePriest in making him learn the communication skills required for a productive relationship with the orchestra musicians. He further made him realize the importance of involvement in community level activities. Today Thomas is an active member of community based services. He is a frequent guest speaker and volunteer for various local schools and community organizations. He is the current chairman of board for the Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund.
Another important influence in his life was his teacher at NEC, Richard Pittman. When Wilkins auditioned for a place in the school he was exceptionally talented in conducting. However, he had not paid due attention in learning the ear training skills. Therefore the conducting part of his audition went really well but playing the piano seemed like a big ordeal for the orchestra leader. This was when Pittman challenged his abilities to play music, making young Wilkins understand that in order to lead an orchestra musical insight is a must. What you cannot play yourself; you certainly cannot lead others to do as well. Thus Wilkins worked hard to learn all forms of musical instruments played within an orchestra until he became an all rounded musician who could lead any orchestra in the world to unimaginable and unprecedented heights of the art form. 
Cheap Thomas Wilkins tickets are up for grabs for the man who has proven time and again to the world that music indeed is a universal language, one that only appeals through rhythm. The faith of the musicians in their conductor is the most important factor in orchestra symphony. If the chemistry is strong it translates onto the stage in the form of extraordinary rhythm. Thomas Wilkins is one conductor who certainly excels in doing this job. So get your Thomas Wilkins tickets and see what he has in store for his next orchestra symphony.

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