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When one thinks of quality jazz music, Billy Childs name automatically comes to mind. Billy Childs Jazz Chamber Ensemble tickets are a way for you to see this talented artist performing live. Born on March 8, 1957, William Edward Childs, more famously known as Billy Childs, is a renowned jazz pianist and composer from Los Angeles. He was only six years old when he started taking piano lessons and his extraordinary talent as a pianist soon became obvious. When he turned sixteen, he started attending a preliminary music program known as the Community School of the Performing Arts that had been funded by the University of Southern California. Here he received lessons on music theory by Marienne Uszler and piano by John Weisenfluh. 1975 was the year when he enrolled in composition majors at USC and four years later, he had earned a bachelor’s degree in music composition under the coaching of Robert Linn. In 1988, he started his solo jazz career with the release of ‘Take For Example, This…’, which was the first of his four albums under the label, Windham Hill Jazz. The next year, his second album, ‘Twilight Is Upon Us’ was released, followed closely by ‘His April Touch’ and ‘Portrait of a Player’. When he left Windham Hill, he was asked to join Stretch Records by his close friend, Chick Corea. This led to ‘I’ve Known Rivers’, his fifth album’s release. ‘The Child Within’ was his sixth album and was released in 1996 by the Shanachie labels.

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About Billy Childs Jazz Chamber Ensemble

Even though Childs’ solo career started in 1988, he started receiving orchestral commissions in 1992 with ‘Chamber Orchestra Music’ being the first one, followed by ‘Tone Poem for Holly’, ‘Fanfare for the United Rates of America’, ‘The Distant Land’, ‘Just Like Job’, The Winds of Change’, ‘The Fierce Urgency of Now’, ‘The Voices of Angels’, ‘Concerto for Violon and Orchestra’, ‘Music for Two Quartetes’ and ‘Awakening – String Quartet #2’. He provided piano for ‘A Day in the Forest of Dreams’, ‘For Suzanne’ and ‘2 Elements’ and Jazz Chamber Ensemble for ‘Into the Light’ and ‘The Path among the Tress’. He was also the soloist for Monterey Jazz Festival ‘Concerto Piano and Jazz-Chamber Orchestra’ held in 1994.
When asked about his Jazz Chamber Ensemble, also known as The Billy Childs’ Ensemble, Childs said that its core lies in six pieces; bass, piano, acoustic guitar, drums, sax and harp. Sometimes, he adds a string quartet and on other occasions, he experiments and makes further additions like that of wind quartets. Still, the basic ingredient includes six pieces or only the instruments that initiated the Jazz Chamber Ensemble i.e harp, guitar and piano.
Childs’ talents’ testimonial is his Grammy Award album, ‘Autumn: In Moving Pictures – Jazz/Chamber Music, Vol. 2’. He is not only the musician, but also the composer and arranger of this beautiful album that talks about autumn’s gorgeousness with its various colors, light rain and calm and quiet surroundings. He used an extraordinary combination of talented players for this award-winning album with Carol Robbins as harpist, Antonio Sanchez and Brian Blade as drummers, Scott Colley as bassist and Larry Koonse as guitarist. In 2006, he won the Grammy for ‘Best Arrangement Accompanying a Vocalist’ for his arrangement of ‘What are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?’ Before winning a Grammy, he was nominated eight times for one. These nominations included ‘Best Instrumental Composition’ for the songs, ‘The Starry Night’ and ‘Aaron’s Song’ and ‘Best Performance by a Jazz Group’ for the album, ‘The Child Within’. In 2002, Chamber Music America awarded his Jazz Chamber Ensemble with a generous grant to perform Grammy-nominated ‘Fascinating Rhythm’ at a venue of his choice.
In his recent performances, Childs has worked as a pianist with artists like Sting, Yo-Yo Ma, the Ying String Quartet, the American Brass Quintet and Jack DeJohnette. His current and upcoming work includes a violin concerto for the Detroit Symphony and Regina Carter, a string quartet for Pacific Serenades, a woodwind quintet for the Imani Wind Quintet and a new composition for the Los Angeles Master Chorale. Cheap Billy Childs’ Ensemble tickets will prove worthwhile as you will get to enjoy exquisite jazz music. This unique grouping of artists that has been brought about after a very careful selection by Childs’ expertise is surely going to sweep you off your feet into a dreamlike world of jazz.

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