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Beethoven Lives Upstairs is a sensational live performance and adaptation of the movie of the same name, released in 1992 by HBO Original Films and directed by David Devine. It is based upon a vocal recording that was directed and written by Barbara Nichol. It is a superb production, best seen live via Beethoven Lives Upstairs tickets.

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About Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Beethoven Lives Upstairs is made up of a story that is striking and captivating. It is about a boy who forms a friendship with Ludwig van Beethoven, who happens to be a boarder living in his house. The original movie saw Neil Munro playing Beethoven and Christoph, the boy, played by Illya Woloshyn.
The original Beethoven Lives Upstairs movie was shot in the Czech Republic and has since then been broadcast in more than one hundred countries of the world. It is used often in classrooms in Canada and the US in elementary schools, for teaching music lessons, and its live performance is also suitable for children, who can watch it with cheap Beethoven Lives Upstairs tickets.
The Beethoven Lives Upstairs movie, on which this live production is based, is an award winning movie. It won the Primetime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Children’s Program a year after it was released. It also received several Gemini Award nominations and is one of an exclusive number of films that are part of the Paley Center for Media’s Permanent Collection, in New York City. In short, this is a fabulous live show, seen by both kids and adults, by ordering Beethoven Lives Upstairs tickets.

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