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The Pines of Rome is a symphonic poem composed by Ottorino Respighi, a famous Italian composer. It premiered into the world of classical music in 1924 and is regarded as one of the three compositions that make up Ottorino Respighi’s Feste Romane and Fontane di Roma. Each of these three symphonic poems is said to be based upon the movement of pine trees at different times of the day in different locations within the city of Rome. The first live performance of this symphonic poem, watched by many live via The Pines of Rome tickets, took place at the Augusteo in 1924 and was conducted by renowned conductor Bernardino Molinari.

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The Pines of Rome symphonic poem is divided into four different sections. The first section is I pini di Villa Borghese, Italian for The Pines of Villa Borghese. It is followed closely by the second section, Pini presso una catacomba which is Pines near a catacomb in English. The third section of this famous symphonic poem is I pini dell Gianicolo and it translates to The Pines of the Janiculum. The last section of this symphonic composition is I pini della Via Appia and is Italian for The Pines of the Appian Way. Each of these sections has its own story in it with each enchanting and in tune with the music that portrays it; a performance of this symphonic poem is best seen live and through cheap The Pines of Rome tickets at that.
The first section or movement of The Pines of Rome features noisy children playing with each other in the yard. These children are playing soldiers with each other and making a lot of noise. In the background, there is the silent marching sound of the Borghese Gardens’ marching pine groves. The second movement takes place near the catacombs in Campagna and thus an organ pedal pitch informs the listeners of the nature of the catacombs with the pine groves majestic wailing filling the air at the side. To add to this, a number of priests are chanting, presumably taking care of a burial in the catacombs. The next movement then takes place next to the Janiculum hill’s temple to Janus, one of the Roman gods. In this movement, Ottorino Respighi undertook a first of its kind step when he used a nightingale’s actual sound in the composition, a sound that can be heard live via The Pines of Rome tickets.
The Pines of Rome symphonic poem by Ottorino Respighi has a last movement which takes place alsongside the famous Appian Way in Rome. Its early dawn and a legion of Roman soldiers can be heard advancing as the sun rises. To show that the ground is trembling under the mighty footsteps of the army, the organ plays bottom B flat and a score of ancient trumpets, the Buccine, is played on flugelhorns. The army is then head rise to triumph onwards to the magnificent Capitoline Hill. This symphonic composition required a large orchestra with woodwinds, brass, percussion, keyboards, strings and Gramofono. In the US, the first famous performance of this composition as a recording was conducted by Arturo Toscanini and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. The first of such concerts was performed in 1926 and the last concert was performed in 1945. Before him, a number of recordings had been conducted by Lorenzo Molajoli and released as a recording by Columbia Records. Ettore Panizza also performed a concert that was released as a recording by Decca Records and Odeon Records. In the UK, Piero Coppola’s recording was released by His Master’s Voice and by RCA Victor Records in the US.
The Pines of Rome has appeared in a number of films including Fantasia 2000, A Movie in 1958 and Fireworks in 1947. The rock band Yes used it in their song City of Love which was part of the hit album, 90125. It has inspired the soundtracks of movies such as Superman, composed by John Williams. It also influenced the original Conan the Barbarian movie’s soundtrack composed by Basil Poledouris. All in all, it is a performance best watched as a live concert through cheap The Pines of Rome tickets.

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