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In the city of Asheville in Western North Carolina, there is Asheville Symphony Orchestra, the finest venue not only for best music entertainment but also for the education of masses. From 1960 when it was established to the present day, the symphony orchestra has presented countless events, shows and performances featuring great artists who have left strong impression on the attendees. Working its way through the years, and with prosperity, Asheville exceeds in bringing the best musicians and artists from all over and one of them is the American Four Seasons. Asheville Symphony the American Four Seasons is the work of a masterful composer who has drawn out the best of his musical vocabulary while at the same time has brought a compositional complexity that knows no limits. Asheville Symphony the American Four Seasons tickets is the new talk of the town where every music lover has got a whiff of it and look forward to attend it.

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About Asheville Symphony The American Four Seasons

The American Four Seasons is the second violin concerto by Philip Glass and is a presentation of Orange Mountain Music. It is played by none other than Robert McDuffie, one of the greatest violinists of the country, who is accompanied by the best orchestras wherever he is performing. The center point of the concerto in Asheville Symphony the American Four Seasons is Robert McDuffie whose cool and poise if beyond praise when he is playing his violin. It was McDuffie who collaborated with Philip Glass and persuaded him to compose this symphony – his commitment evident from the success of it. There are four movements in the concerto with a solo piece comprising of a prologue and three scores before each one. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons concertos is one of the most performed works of music in the history and then McDuffie commissioned the American Four Seasons with it, making his work even more praiseworthy.
At the time that it was established, Asheville Symphony Orchestra had no resident manager or conductor with musicians performing voluntarily. Within a decade, Asheville saw a growth for which a part time conductor was hired as guest artists were started being paid; youth ensembles and Symphony Guild was formed, a regular season was introduced which all led the Symphony to move from random auditoriums to Thomas Wolfe Auditorium. The Symphony got its major funding from ticket sales, contributions made by the donors and Guild efforts. It was in 1977 that all the artists were paid for the first time and the Symphony received its first substantial funding of $10,000. And then there came a time in 1978 that Asheville was able to hire a full time manager and again a full time resident conductor in 1980. The conductor was Robert Hart Baker who did a lot in the growth of the orchestra in terms of both quality and size until he left in 2004. Daniel Meyer was hired after careful selection and a search of two years and he is the conductor up till now. Working its way through the years, the Symphony has come to a point where it is able to present an event as brilliant as Asheville Symphony the American Four Seasons.  
If anyone thinks that the extraordinary music composed by Antonio Vivaldi has lost its meaning, they should think again! For a period of over 40 years, Philip Glass has kept that Italian Baroque music alive and Asheville Symphony the American Four Seasons is its best example. The orchestra has all the best trademark elements for which Glass is so famous for and the piece played by McDuffie has given it a dashing virtuosity. It is mesmerizing to watch McDuffie who plays with extraordinary ease, taking his audience to the world of music in which he himself is submerged in. Asheville Symphony the American Four Seasons tickets are a delightful treat for anyone who loves listening to good music and to the orchestra lovers in particular.

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