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Asheville Symphony Paganini Variations will give you an access to witness the works by a man referred to as one of the greatest ever violinists in the realm of music. The history of Asheville Symphony Orchestra (ASO) dates back to 1960 when it started off with a small group of musicians without having any resident conductor or manager to give a proper nudge. In the initial years ASO performed at schools and churches while gradually making its way to bigger venues such as Thomas Wolfe Auditorium. As time elapsed the orchestra grew by leaps and bounds making its presence known in every nook and corner and eventually becoming a professional orchestra in 1977. Today the Asheville Symphony Orchestra delivers seven full orchestra concerts a year inviting some of the most accomplished guest musicians from across the world. David Finckel, Simone Dinnerstein, Zuill Bailey, Benjamin Hochman, Jennifer Koh, Daniil Trifonov are among the few names that have had an association with the orchestra. Make sure to reserve your spot at Asheville Symphony Paganini Variations for another display of sheer brilliant talent.

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At present Daniel Meyer is serving as a conductor and music director whose unwavering efforts have helped the orchestra in living up to its motto which is not only to entertain people but to educate them so that they become assets to the field of music. For this purpose the orchestra has come up with several programs in the past which are; Asheville Symphony Chorus, Asheville Symphony Children’s Chorus, Asheville Buncombe Youth Orchestra, Asheville Symphony concert lectures and pre-concert lectures. The ASO also accounts for imparting music education in schools as well. As far as the forthcoming event is concerned, it is going to be nothing less than an epic performance showcasing Paganini’s contemporary twist in the traditional compositions. So make sure to attend the Asheville Symphony Paganini Variations to come across the legendary violinist, violist, guitarist and composer’s exceptional renditions. Their past performances have been widely applauded by the music critics for the repertoire and the talented ASO performers. For the next exhilarating musical experience buy Asheville Symphony Paganini Variations tickets and feel the real essence of Paganini’s one-of-a-kind compositions.
Niccolo Paganini was a legend in true sense of the word. He was in a league of his own as he rose above his contemporaries through his matchless violin techniques. His 24 caprices for Solo Violin say it all about him being a high caliber violinist. His style of playing the violin required speed and flexibility as he jumped from one position or string to another in the blink of an eye. Today his compositions are played by many violinists across the world. His Caprice No.24 in A minor: Tema con Variazoni (Quasi Presto) and La Campanella are considered among his most renowned compositions. On the other hand, Le Streghe, The Carnival of Venice and Nel cor piu non mi sento are some of his famous variations.
Paganini has been an inspiration not only to the violinists but also to countless acclaimed composers such as Ivry Gitlis, Franz Liszt, Robert Schumann, George Rochberg, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Boris Bachler, Witold Lutoslawski, Johannes Brahms, Sergei Rachmaninioff etc. But among the people who inspired him were Pietro Locatelli and August Duranowski whose reflection can be easily seen in Paganini’s compositions and playing techniques. Some of these techniques existed earlier (in Pietro Locatelli’s 24 caprices called The art of new style- the enigmatic caprices) but were unfortunately slammed for being innovative and unorthodox. So in a way Paganini brought into the light what had been kept in darkness for years. Not only that, he also improvised them and made them his own. Buy cheap Asheville Symphony Paganini Variations tickets and catch a glimpse of Paganini’s extremely agile and jaw-dropping techniques.

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