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Arcangelo is a music ensemble that will leave you mesmerized with its performance. It is quickly becoming a sensational classical music group, reprising the works of some of the biggest names in the music world.  This ensemble consists of some very talented artists that are very fine entertainers. If you want to spend some time listening to quality music then get Arcangelo tickets now.

About Arcangelo

This music ensemble that is headed by an extremely gifted musician Jonathan Cohen. The main purpose behind forming this music ensemble was to bring together some of the best artists in classical music. The main focus of this group is on chamber music and chamber orchestra. Formed just three years ago, Arcangelo has already won the hearts of music lovers across the US as well as Europe. This group consists of Cohen as conductor, Alina Ibragimova on violin, tenor Iestyn Davies, German soprano singer Christiane Karg, soprano Katherine Watson and baritone Nikolay Borchev.

This gifted ensemble released its first studio album that featured the works of Italian composer Nicholas Porpora, the album was released by Hyperion Records. Since then it has given live performances in different countries. One of the recordings by Arcangelo was nominated as an outstanding recording of the year by BBC Radio 3. In 2012 the group won a Gramophone Award. In the same year Arcangelo released its second studio album with Hyperion label and it was titled Arias for Guadagni.

In the upcoming performance Arcangelo will be reprising the works of legendary composers like Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frederic Handel and Johan Christian Bach. All these composers have become icons in world of classical music and till date musicians from across the globe take pride in reprising and performing on compositions of these masters. Some of the famous symphonies and orchestras include Rodrigo, Rinaldo, Teseo, Silla, Amadigi di Gaula, Catone in Utica, Adriano in Siria, Lucio Silla, La Giulia, Sventurata in van mi lagno, Amdes de Gaule, Toccata and Fugue in F Major, Prelude and Fugue in A Minor, Fantasia Super and O Lamm Gottes unschuldig.

Arcangelo has won accolades from a number of critics and this clearly proves that this group is on its way to stardom. You surely love classical music and in your home library you must be having a huge music collection by classical maestros. How about listening to the music of the masters reprised right in front of you. It will be an enjoyable experience for you and one thing to note is that finally low priced deals are on sale now so purchase your cheap Arcangelo tickets.