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Anthony and Joseph Paratore are a classical music duo consisting of two brothers. They are international piano superstars who have become known as the most prominent four hand pianist team in the world. Joseph Paratore, and his older brother, Anthony Paratore have been playing together for a long time now and have recorded nearly every classical tune in the repertoire that requires a double play. They have also recorded and sold some of these sessions. Not only do they tribute existing works, they also play as part of other orchestras and groups and compose new tracks that would be well fitting in their genre. In this way, they have made significant contributions to contemporary and jazz in today’s world. They often collaborate with the jazz musician, Dave Brubeck when they work as composers. Audiences who have seen them play in person speak very highly of their unusual skill and the harmony with which they play the piano with each other. If you are a fan of good classical music, give their show a try by buying Anthony & Joseph Paratore tickets.

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About Anthony Joseph Paratore

The two brothers are of Italian American descent and spent most of their childhood in Boston. Their family was musically gifted, and it was only fitting that the young boys would follow in their footsteps as well. Because of their uncanny talent, they both received scholarships in whichever educational program they chose. They attended the “Boston University”, followed by the “Julliard School”. It is quite difficult to get in both of these schools and only students with the most esteemed of talents are given a spot. So the fact that they both got into both schools speaks volumes of their talent. During the time that they were in college, they had the chance to play alongside and learn from Rosnia Lhevinne as well. Both graduated from the University within 4 years of one another and then began to start their career as solo artists. Joseph made his big debut as a professional musician at the age of 17 when he played as part of the “Boston Symphony Orchestra”. In the meantime, Anthony embarked on his very first tour as an artist and travelled through most of South America. It was when they attended Julliard that their piano teacher suggested that they become a duo. She was so impressed by their skill at the four hand piano that she would often say that their playing was like one unit breathing together; they were simply so in tune with one another. She persuaded them to try becoming a team rather than remain solo artists.
By 1974, they enrolled in the “ARD International Music Competition” where they performed as a duo for the first time. They ended up taking home the first prize, which gave them confidence and a new outlook on what their career was ought to be. Soon after that, they recorded the composition by Arnold Schoenberg as transcribed by Alban Berg. When this work was first composed, it was considered way too complex to be interpreted into a recording. But the brother’s skill once again proved to be extremely competent as they recorded their version flawlessly along with Berg’s own transcription of his string quartet.
By the late 1980s, the two were becoming more and better known in the classical music front. They were now an integral part of the “Rheingau Musik Festival” where they played a series of 19 concerts. In this session, they also played a composition by Johannes Brahms in F minor. Other composers that they would tribute in their work also included Claude Debussy and George Gershwin. They were particularly skilled at playing “Rhapsody in Blue”, thereby solidifying their roles as powerful jazz musicians, and the rest of “Porgy and Bess” as well. These tunes will also be performed in their upcoming shows, so keep your Anthony & Joseph Paratore tickets at the ready.
Because of their ongoing success and their contributions to the world of classical and jazz piano, the “University of Boston” has started a scholarship in their name, which they call the “Paratore Brothers Scholarship Fund”. This is meant to benefit those students who have an exceptional talent as the two did.
The brothers have also found some mainstream success and have played for popular daytime television shows such as “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, and “The Today Show”. A special on PBS was especially shot to feature them as well. They are stars in their own regard, and so getting cheap Anthony & Joseph Paratore tickets would be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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