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Founded in 1962, the NYC-based American Symphony Orchestra is best known for regular performances at Symphony Space and Carnegie Hall, and for being the resident orchestra of Richard B. Fisher Center of Performing Art at Bard College. At Bard, the orchestra presents in the inter subscription series and at the yearly Bard SummerSpace Festival and Bard Music Festival. It also plays in the concert series called Classics Declassified that are held at the Peter Norton Symphony Space. It also became a resident orchestra at The Collegiate Chorale, where it performs regularly the New York concert series held by Chorale.

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ASO has taken many tours across Europe and Asia, while performing in countless benefits for organizations such as PBS and the Jerusalem Foundation. Their music education program called Music Noted is an award-winning endeavor that has integrated symphonic music with core humanities classes for high school courses all over the tri-state region. The finesse, innovation and dedication of the Orchestra’s performances have made the dazzling American Symphony Orchestra tickets quite a sought-after treat among classical music enthusiasts.
American Symphony Orchestra was founded by Leopold Stokowski in 1962, at the age of eighty. He worked as the music director along with Amos Meller as assistant till 1972, which is when he came back to England at the age of ninety. After his departure, the position was given to Kazuyoshi Akiyama who worked there for the next five years. Music director in the early Eighties included principal conductors Giuseppe Patane and Moshe Atzmon. By 1985, directorship responsibilities were handed to John Mauceri and in 1991, when Catherine Comet completed her term there, the orchestra appointed president Leon Botstien.
Under the musical directorship of Leon Botstein, the American Symphony Orchestra came up with a new concept of performing concerts focusing on a range of themes drawn from such disciplines as literature, history, politics, visual arts, as well as some rarely-presented masterworks for enchanting revivals. These performances are hosted at Carnegie Hall as part of the Vanguard Series. The Orchestra has sought to preserve the rare works it performs so that they do not disappear from their repertoire. Though some of these rarities are available as wholes, with scores that are usable conditions, there are those that need extensive restorative efforts and even creation so as to render them presentable. The Orchestra’s efforts in creating these parts, implies that these works are then available for presentations by other orchestras. Today, they have released many albums on Telarc, Koch, Bridge, Vangaurd labels, and New World, alongside which many of their live performances are available in the form of digital downloads. In the case of many works, these copies are the only recordings that still provide access to their rare work that were rediscovered during the orchestra’s concerts.
American Symphony Orchestra’s past shows include Elliott Carter: The American Original, The Vampire, Truth or Truffles, What Makes a Masterpiece, The Cage Concert, Crumb, Orientalism in France, Stravincky Outside Russia, Parallel Lives: Busoni and Liszt, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Bauhaus Bach, Passover in Exile, American Harmonies: Music of Walter Piston, Music of Spain: The Composers of Civil War, Music and the Bible, Apollo and Dionysus, Alberic Magnard’s Berenice, James Joyce, Robert Schuman: Scenes of Goethe’s Faust, After the Thaw, An American Biography,: Music of Henry Cowell, Remains of Romanticism, Vincent d’Indy: Fervaal, Revisiting William Grant Still, Composing a Nation: Musical Patriarchs of Israel, Music of Other Germany, Hope and Persecution: Masterworks of Conscience, Spatial Explorations, A New Italian Renaissance, and many more. Among their upcoming performances are Wagner’s Preludes, Hungary Tom, New York Avant-Garde, Mendelssohn Symphony No. 5, Strauss: A Self-Portrait of the Artist: This England, Moses, Brahm’s Symphony No.2, Schumann’s Symphony No. 2, and Forged from Fire, among others. Take a night off for indulging in the most beautiful live classical tunes; so book some cheap American Symphony Orchestra tickets dress up and be there for a glorious romantic evening.

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