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Alfie Boe is a classical music singer from Blackpool, England. He is a tenor, who has crossed over to more contemporary sounding music over his career. He also indulges in operatic pop. So if you wish to attend his concert, buy Alfie Boe tickets. Alfie Boe, the innate young amongst nine siblings was born in Blackpool and raised in Fleetwood. Being born to Richard Tauber, Alfie’s talent was both inherited and inborn.  Boe quenched his thirst for music by listening to his father’s recordings since he was eleven. He completed early schooling at St Edmund’s and high schooled at Cardinal Allen Roman Catholic. Boe’s earliest performance was at the age of 14 at a show organized by a local aspiring singing instructor named Lottie Dawson. Boe claims being nervous at these earliest encounters with the public.

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About Alfie Boe

He moved to London and polished his singing skills at various renowned institutions. Clint Boon Experience featured Boe as the “opera dude” in 1999-2000. In 1999 he toured Scotland singing for Scottish opera as Ernesto in ‘Don pasquale’. Boe was approached for the lead role in a Broadway show by Baz Luhrmann who searched for him for two years. Boe later appeared on the Broadway as Alfred Boe. He was signed for a new radio station in 2006. His album reached number three on UK Classical Chart. AMI classics signed Boe in 2006 releasing his album ‘Onward’ in March 2007.
In February 2007, Boe toured around United Kingdom alongside ‘Fron Male Voice Choir’ and in March sang for a webcast concert with Natasha Marsh. The British educational charity ‘The prince of Wales Arts and Kids foundation’ appointed Boe as the ambassador, introducing their children to the world of arts. He brought music to these children and introduced them to the opera. Boe performed in Kismet with Michael Ball. Boe’s live performance in Kismet of “Stranger in Paradise” was released as a downloadable single in 2007. He recorded Neapolitan Songs in August which were released in November named ‘La passione’. He once again got a chance to perform alongside Natasha Marsh at Arundel Festival-August. He also performed at the Festival of Remembrance the same year. In 2008 Boe performed at a musical quest in front of 1600 local children of Blackpool. This was arranged to introduce the new generation to classics and also to end the former music concert by the charity education he was ambassador to.
Other than singing at his own tours and concerts, Alfie Boe continues to perform at famous events even today. Just last year, he performed at the “La Bohéme” for the prestigious “English National Opera”. Later, he also sang for “The Mikado”. He is also quite popular in the United States. In 2011, he performed many shows in the state of Idaho. Moreover, he sang at the “Great British Musical—The Famous and the Future” which took place at the “Criterion Theatre”. The year proved to be really eventful for him for as soon as he was finished with the musical, he was scheduled to perform at the “Trafalgar Sqaure” for their organized celebrations and concerts of “St. George’s Day”. Come May, Boe was chosen to sing at the prestigious “Classical BRIT Awards” which took place in the “Royal Albert Hall”, situated in “Isle of Man”. By summer of 2011, he became the headlining act of the annual “Hampton Court Palace Festival”. Alfie Boe tickets for these various festivals are also available.
By June of 2011, he was cast as Jean Valjean in the classic theatre musical, “Les Miserables”. This was performed at “Queen’s Theatre” every night from June till November. He also appeared in a spin off show that was made which included a “battle of the tenors”. In this show, he could put his classical training to full use, and not just be a crossover artist.
In September, he was a singer at the “Night of the Proms”, a classical music celebration organized by the BBC. He also was part of the “National Symphony Orchestra” for some time in August. Boe has also sung before the Queen of England, Elizabeth II. In early June of 2012, he sang for her “Diamond Jubilee Concert” where he honored her by singing “O Sole Mio” which melted into “It’s Now or Never”, originally a song by Elvis Presley. His voice is trained and has no other match. Listening to him would truly be a pleasure, so get cheap Alfie Boe tickets and do not miss out on his concert.

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