2013 Kennedy Center Spring Gala My Fair Lady in Concert Tickets

This year the Spring Gala at Kennedy Center will not only be entertaining the audiences with concerts but also with the all time favorite musical My Fair Lady. The show has been loved by audiences since the fifties and has been termed as ‘the perfect musical’ by the critics. As it hits the stage of the center this season, make sure to buy My Fair Lady in Concert tickets in advance. A highly popular musical, it always sees a sold out attendance.

Buy 2013 Kennedy Center Spring Gala My Fair Lady in Concert Tickets

About 2013 Kennedy Center Spring Gala My Fair Lady in Concert

The story of My Fair Lady revolves around the crotchety, middle aged professor, Henry Higgins and a young girl Eliza Doolittle. Higgins is England’s leading phoneticist while the young girl is an ordinary flower seller. The young Doolittle with the desire to sound like a lady goes to the professor who is currently researching about the new dialects of London’s speech. Higgins along with his friend Colonel Pickering agrees to take her responsibility and plan an experiment on her for their research.
The story becomes interesting as soon as Eliza Doolittle’s learning lessons begin. She goes to the professor’s flat every day and Pickering challenges Higgins to transform her completely using his skills. Taking up the challenge, he treats Eliza as a project and not a person. When Higgins sees no improvement in Eliza, he loses his temper and gets harsh with her. Although Eliza is disappointed with herself but her mentor’s harsh attitude demodulates her and she loses the heart to achieve her goal. In her anger, she makes even more effort to improve and finally shows progress in her speech. Put to a test by Higgins, Eliza is introduced to his mother’s snobbish guests at the Ascot meeting. The young girl doesn’t let her professor down and performs well. All this brings her closer to her professor and she starts developing feelings for him.
Once Higgins saw a change in her, he put her though many experimentations. She was made to attend one high profile event after another. When Eliza was introduced to the society for the first time, she caught the attention of Freddy Eynsford-Hill. Passing all the tests, she made quite an impression at the ball. Her mannerism and speech was Higgins success. Pickering and Higgins congratulated each other on a work well done and completely forgot about Eliza. This brings a twist in the story as Eliza stops feeling for Higgins and runs away. What do you think; will this change her love to hatred for the professor who changed her life? Or she would forget it as a mistake and go with him? You can get answers to all these questions by getting My Fair Lady In Concert tickets.
The musical has won a number of awards up till now that includes Theatre World Award, Tony Awards and Laurence Olivier Awards. The musical staged its first production in the fifties and since then has seen many revivals. Every new production has been received well by the critics and the audience. My Fair Lady has been reviewed by The New York Times as ‘one of the best musicals of the century’ and as ‘one of the loveliest shows imaginable…a work of theatre magic’ by The Christian Science Monitor. The brand new production of the musical is right around the corner and cheap My Fair Lady in Concert tickets are selling like hot cakes already. So if you wish to be part of this award winning musical, get your hands on My Fair Lady in Concert tickets as early as possible!

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