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Classical music takes its roots in Western secular music. It encompasses an extensive time period, stretching from the 11th century till today. One factor that sets apart European music from non-European music is a system called staff notation. In this, the performer has little room to improvise, as the composer tells him specifics in terms of the rhythm, speed, pitch and meter that a piece of music adopts. This is quite unlike the non-European style where the performer has a lot more room to show creativity by being innovative.  
Classical music as a term had not even appeared until the 19th century. The term was coined in order to sanctify the time period between Johann Sebastian Bach till Beethoven. According to the modernist perspective, this kind of music is mostly a written type music tradition, rather than having been transmitted orally. Since it is such a broad category and spans over such a long time period, it is difficult to specify which traits can be specified about this kind of music. Perhaps one of the most outstanding things is that the repertoire is written down. Normally both composers and producers are extremely literate. Since the lyrics are written down, it has added greatly to the complexity of the composition.
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Most of the instruments that are used in classical music have been invented before the nineteenth century. They are the same instruments as those used in an orchestra, along with a few other instruments such as harpsichord and organ. Surprisingly, the electric guitar appears sometimes as well. There are also many different forms of classical music. These include opera, sonata and symphony. Apart from wanting composers to perfect their skills of writing music, the performers too face the pressure of achieving technical expertise. This is evidenced by the fact that musicians need to go through extensive schooling and training in order to be qualified enough to learn this form of music. The only other kind of music that requires so much training is jazz.  
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