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Get ready to watch the most amazing musical this season, The Little Engine That Could Earns Her Whistle. This dynamic song-filled drama has always run successfully in theatres and this time you will be the one to enjoy a play that has a positive message. Young kids are going to love it in all aspects and so will the parents as they watch this beautifully staged theatre drama. The story of the play leaves a positive message of determination, confidence and a good heart. At the same time the sets and themes in the musical are very colourful and vibrant that a person of every age will enjoy watching it. So don’t waste your time and book The Little Engine That Could Earns Her Whistle tickets as quickly as you can.

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About The Little Engine That Could Earn Her Whistle

This musical is based on a children’s classic titled The Little Engine That Could-Earns Her Whistle by Watty Piper. The book is a fine piece of literature and inculcates the importance of hard work, determination and the belief that anything is possible. The same concept runs throughout the play which also depicts the importance of morals and values in one’s life and of course the sweetness of friendship is highlighted equally. The story is based on The Little Blue Engine’s dreams and her struggle to overcome her fears and finally get to his destination.
The story begins as the different trains start off their daily work routines at the Piney Vale Train Station. The Silver Engine is always on time and performs efficiently and carries arrogance for feeling superior over other trains. He shows no patience for Little Blue who keeps on feeling way too small to pull the Piney Vale Express up the hill. She always feels desirous of getting to pull the Piney Vale Express on the main track, leave her little train yard and see the world. Her dreams of getting up there are expressed in the song All Aboard.
The question that runs throughout the play is that whether Little Blue be able to convince Big Silver or not and be resolute about getting on to the main track. Little Blue has a dependable friend Rusty. Rusty strongly encourages Little Blue and keeps on giving her strength to overcome her fears. However, when Rusty retires, Little Blue feels helpless and confused about her resolve. Little Red is another character who comes in place of Rusty and encourages Little Blue but gives up hope over Little Blue in the end. The climax comes when Little Red hurts her wheel and Little Blue has to take her place to pull the Piney Vale Express. Thus “The Big Journey” sets off as a challenging mission for Little Blue who realizes her capacity of achieving her dreams with a little bit of self confidence.
So if you want to know how Little Blue takes her mission ahead and whether or not she makes it to her dream destination, then you must come to the theatres to watch the play. You will surely fall in love with this wonderful musical with its innovative, colourful sets and bright costumes. The play will remind you of the famous line “I think I can, I think I can”. The dynamic production and the artistic direction along with beautifully orchestrated musical scores make it a worthwhile piece of entertainment perfect for the young and family audiences. So don’t miss the chance of watching this play and buy the cheap The Little Engine That Could Earns Her Whistle tickets as soon as possible.

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