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Enormously famous amongst the children, The Backyardigans is an animated television series for kids aged between 2 and 10. It is an American/Canadian 3-D show which is in its fourth season now. The plot is based on imagination of five animal children and the story unfolds when they imagine that their backyard has turned into an adventure place. These five animal friends are Austin (a purple colored kangaroo), Tasha (a yellow colored hippopotamus), Tyrone (an orange colored moose), Pablo (a yellow colored penguin) and Uniqua (a pink colored character).

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The Backyardigans started in October, 2004, originally directed by Robert Scull. It is now masterfully directed by Dave Palmer. The show which has had 77 episodes is the creation of Janice Burgess. Music forms an integral part of the show as much as the story. Music of different genres is played in this series like disco, Motown, polka, Spaghetti Western, reggae, and big band. The music writers for this show are Douglas Wieselman and Evan Lurie.
The theme of this show has become so famous that it was turned into a theatrical in Canada. It has already traveled length and breadth of Canada thrice and now comes to your town, Edmonton. The latest production of the show is called, The Backyardigans: Sea Deep in Adventure. As the name suggests it has an aquatic theme, well appreciated both by kids and their parents. So have a great time with your family and buy The Backyardigans Edmonton Tickets now!

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