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The popular children’s touring production, Sesame Street Live is all set to bring its exciting show, ‘Elmo Makes Music’, to the US stages this season. Every year, the touring production brings numerous stage shows based on the famous TV series Sesame Street. Featuring famous Muppets, the shows are witnessed by millions of children and parents around the world. Since its first live show in 1980, the touring production has become a household name throughout North America. The audience can once again indulge in an intriguing yet highly educational musical ride at the Sesame Street Toledo event.

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Sesame Street Live has presented riveting shows over the years including ‘Super Grover! Ready For Action’, ‘Everyone Makes Music’, ‘Big Bird and Friends’, ‘Sleeping Birdie’ and ‘Silly Dancing’. Their highly enjoyable show ‘Elmo Makes Music’ explores the fun filled journey of Elmo and his friends, Big Bird and Abby Cadabby, along with their new teacher Jenny. In this musical extravaganza, the Muppets make foot tapping music with new tools and instruments such as cookie jars, trash can lids and rubber duckies. The parents are already looking to get cheap Sesame Street Toledo tickets to treat their children to a memorable show.
Sesame Street Live events bring the whole family together. Moms and dads also enjoy hit musical tunes from their past such as ‘The Alphabet Song’, ‘C Is for Cookie’, ‘Rockin’ Robin’ and ‘The Hustle’. So get Sesame Street Toledo tickets for an all out family adventure.

Get ready to watch Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music, at the SeaGate Convention Center, Toledo. The Sesame Street gang is on a nationwide tour and will be presenting one of the most loved show to its fans. Sesame Street is one of the most popular puppet show that has amused kids and adults alike for decades. Their entire line-up of characters, from Big Bird to Ernie & Bird, Cookie Monster, Count Dracula, Grouchy Grover, Elmo and many other Muppets has a special place in the hearts of children of today and yesteryears. Sesame Street Live Toledo Ohio tickets lets you enjoy the magic and fun of Sesame Street once again.

Sesame Street Live Toledo Ohio will present an exciting musical trip that introduces children how to music, instruments, sounds and a lot more. Watch Elmo as he discovers, learns and plays music with his friends. The musical centers on Jenny, a new music teacher who comes to the neighborhood and finds that all her instruments are lost. She is helped by the entire Sesame Street gang in her quest to get the instruments back.

The Muppet friends and Jenny come to the happy conclusion that there is music all around and you can make music with almost anything. Watch them make new instruments and play music with things like table tops, rubber duckies, rice filled cup, water filled glasses and cookie jars. Get your tickets now to be a part of this wonderful experience. Cheap Sesame Street Live Toledo Ohio tickets double the fun of this show. Don’t forget to book them in advance.

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