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The fabulous Max and Ruby live touring show, one of the very best such shows hailing from Canada, is an incredible show that also tours the entire US and appears at many venues. This show is fondly referred to as the Ruby show and is based on the famous and popular Max and Ruby animated series that currently airs on the fabulous Nickelodeon channel on its Nick Jr programs. Max and Ruby is a favorite of millions of children all over the world and is watched regularly by many hundred million children. Thus, a live touring show based on this popular animated Nickelodeon series is definitely something that every child will want to see and every adult will also find it interesting. Thus, if you want to make sure that you and your kids have a fun time, all you need are Ruby tickets and a trip to wherever the show is taking place.

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Ruby Revue Burlesque Show Bronze Peacock At The House Of Blues - Houston Houston Saturday
10/28/2017 10:00 PM

About Ruby

This fabulous animated tour is taking place at many venues all over the US. One such venue is the Wells & Fargo Center for Arts. This fabulous live touring show is the work of Koba Entertainment and is based on the animated Max and Ruby show, a number one ranked TV program. The program itself is based on the many children’s books that make up a sensational series which is behind the Max and Ruby show and the antics of its main characters. This live touring show is a musical adventure of sorts that involves Max and his sister Ruby, two rabbits as they hop around and have fun. In fact, anyone who attends this fabulous event will also have the chance of participating in the Free Fun with Art segment before the show begins; children will be absolutely thrilled by this event.
Anyone who attends the event can also meet the performers behind the characters face to face in a special after show event. The animated series itself, Max and Ruby, saw its debut back in 2002. It is a show created for children at the preschool age and is the world of Rosemary Wells, the author and illustrator behind the many Max and Ruby books that make up the core of the animated series. The many episodes of this fabulous series usually featured Max, a three year old rabbit who is adventurous and Ruby, a seven year old rabbit who is Max’s elder sister. The series saw four seasons as of 2009.
The author behind the children’s books, Rosemary Wells, has stated that this series and its live touring show are all about the nature of relationships between siblings. Thus, added to being a fun show for kids, it is also educative since it will teach them that they have to relate well with their siblings and work as well as play together like best friends rather than see each other as rivals. The episodes of the animated series and thus the live touring show feature a specific type of story. The episodes are usually made up of three different issues. Ruby, Max’s elder sister, is usually hard at work in some activity or some project. Max then comes around and decides wether to participate or not. His interest, in fact, usually is quite the opposite of what his sister wants to do.
However, in the end, Max ends up helping Ruby and even introducing new positive changes. Thus, the entire episode shows the relationships between siblings and also tells the audience how these relationships can work and how useful they are. The live touring Max and Ruby show has a specific and wonderful story behind it. This particular story revolves around the day being a very special day for someone, a mystery. The brother and sister duo, Max and Ruby, have a lot to do so that they can get home before this big event takes place. Thus, they go on a lovely bus tour, a musical one, to look for the best present in the whole world and then go back home so that they can then prepare for the special event. The show is filled with mysteries; who the special guest is and when he or she will arrive. This show is made even more fun because the two siblings cant quite agree with each other and end up making different plans that oppose each other. However, with their loving bond as siblings, they solve their problems and the day, or rather show, has a very happy ending.
This amazing live touring show is thus the best event for your children and for your entire family. It is a hilarious, fun filled event that shows, live, the antics of two siblings and is also an educative event that tells children how siblings love each other and learn to live together as well as solve their problems together. Thus, for some of the best fun ever for kids, get hold of these Ruby tickets and take your kids to the best live touring show they have ever seen!

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