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So when was the last time that you took your children out to go see a children’s music concert? Well if you are thinking that it has indeed been very long or that you have never had the chance to then do not fret because this is the perfect opportunity for you to rectify that. How you may ask? Well by buying your children tickets to the upcoming concert featuring the iconic Raffi. He is a musician who has had tremendous success throughout his career and has been entertaining little children for a very long time now. He is very popular throughout the country of Canada and is a favorite amongst children of all ages. Getting a chance to see him performing live would be quite a treat for the little ones and you are guaranteed of the fact that you will never see them happier than they would be when they will be attending the concerts themselves. Book your Raffi tickets as soon you can because his concerts are usually sold out well in advance and chances like these do not come around very often.

About Raffi

Raffi Cavoukian was born in the city of Cairo in Egypt on the 8th of July back in the year 1948 and resides in the country of Canada. Over the course of his life, he has gotten into many professions out of which the most recognized one is his remarkable music career. All of his releases have catered to children and he is one of the most popular children’s musicians in the world today. In a career which started back during the 1970s, he has been a very important figure for millions of children growing up ever since. Raffi has released a number of iconic songs over the course of his career that helped him become the renowned children’s personality that he is considered today. Some of his most famous releases include songs which go the name Baby Beluga and Down by the Bay. His music does not involve the use of a number of different instruments but focus mainly around his own guitar playing as well as his singing. The other instruments that you would hear include simple folk music instruments but they are mainly used in order to add layers to his melodies that would sound good alongside his own contributions.

He is also considered to be one of the pioneers of modern day children’s music and had it not been for him, we would not have had the types of music children’s songs that we hear today. In fact, he also set up his very own record label which went by the name Troubadour and it was with his own label that he produced and released each and every one of his songs. The reason he found his own record label was because he wanted his music to be sold and heard by children in the way he intended them to hear it. Adhering strictly to his ethics, he went on to create songs that were both enjoyable but also held great meaning to all of his audiences. He is responsible for a number of gold and platinum certified recordings all over North America and the impressive number of sales his music has racked up only goes to show just how good he must be.

Raffi has made a name for himself for connecting to his audiences whenever he gets the chance to perform live in front of them. Not only does he have a good time performing for all the little children that come to attend his concerts, the children themselves are also having one of the best experiences of their lives. Despite of the fact that he decided to take a hiatus from his music career during the mid 1980s, his love for performing for children never faded. Those of you who have been lucky enough to see this amazing musician live for yourself would agree that during your childhood, it was one of the most amazing nights of your lives. It is the sort of night that you would like see the children in your family experience too. The upcoming Raffi concert provides you with the chance to do just that. If you buy your tickets earlier, you may get your hands on cheap Raffi tickets. Hurry up before the best deals are sold out.


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