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Have you ever had a chance to see those adorable snow-white bunnies live on stage? Well if you haven’t try watching the adventures of two Bunny siblings named Max and Ruby then here is your chance to do that. Max is the younger brother who is a three year old child and taking care of him is his older sister Ruby who is seven years old. Join the two siblings on their amazing adventures as they ride the school bus singing along songs, getting new presents before they come back home. See their happy life and the surprising situations they face.

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The show called Max and Ruby is originally an animated series which was made in Canada in 2002. The idea was taken from children’s book author named Rosemary Wells. Its target audience is preschool children who are trying to understand the right way to solve their small everyday problems. In 2001 a pilot version of these series was launched and was an immediate success to be allowed to continue further. As its First Season was released in 2002, second season in 2003, third season in 2006, and the fourth season was recently launched in 2009. So join the Max and Ruby as they show their unique guest at the upcoming Bunny party of the year. It celebrates the sibling relationship. Get your Max and Ruby tickets and enjoy the fun surprises to be given at the party. This is a chance which should not be missed.
The story goes like this, just like any other siblings Max and Ruby can never agree on the wanting the same thing and so there are problems which end up with the most astonishing solutions. But together they are able to get though anything because they are family and look after each other. And so for the very first time, these two siblings make their debut in the theatrical production. The stars of the show will be performing a musical story time with performers under the Max and Ruby costumes. It is guaranteed the as soon as the performance starts they will have you hopping and singing along with them on the show tunes as your favorite pair of bunny siblings perform in front of you. They will be taking you on their adventure and solve mysteries with your help, a performance that is interactive, educational, and fun. This is the time to grab your Max tickets before they are sold out and believe it you do not want to miss this energetic performance.
All the live stage performance of the Bunny siblings Max and Ruby with be produced by the Sphere Entertainment. So join the group, it is for all those who love to enjoy and watch the exciting and fun adventure of Max and Ruby. Not only kids but also parents are invited to connect with these two innocent yet sweet Bunny siblings, because age really doesn’t matter if you are planning to watch this show. Max and Ruby is certainly going to be a power packed performance for you guys, where you can have quality fun with your kids. Get ready to sing along with Miss Spider and her Buggy Bunch, and join the exciting adventures!

This brand new live show is created by the famous Koba Entertainment. This amazing entertainment has get you guys some other exciting shows as well. Directed by the talented Patti Caplette, this seventy minute show is a creation of superb team of artists which include the Norman Foote who has done its lyrics and music, Beth Kates  as scenic designer, Anne Armit as costume designer and others.
Our favorite characters Max & Ruby got into the entertainment world in form of an enchanting book series which were done by none other than but, Rosemary Wells. These series sold more than three million copies all over the world. After becoming a top rated show on Nickelodeon and its popularity was doubled. More than a million people used to watch it everyday. Be it Canada, the United States, Finland, France or Sweden, Max & Ruby have got fans all over the world. So all of you entertainment seekers out there here is your chance to have a great time with your loved ones, grab your Max and Ruby tickets and set off for a great show!