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Max & Ruby are ready to bring their most exciting performance on stage. Taking inspirations from one of the best musical scores, ‘Nutcracker Suite,’ this new musical production is said to be a blast. So, book your Max Wilkes Barre tickets in advance. Max is the name of a character that is a little over three years of age. He is cheerful, stubborn, fearless and enthusiastic. Max loves rockets, mud and trucks. Ruby is Max’s sister and she is seven-years old.  She is extremely organized and very smart. She never breaks rules, thus never gets into trouble. Ruby loves shopping, ice skating, making scrumptious treats and chit chatting with friends. The adventure of Max & Ruby, guided by Tchaikovsky’s classic notes is filled with holiday magic and enjoyable dance acts. The show is produced by Koba Entertainment.

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Set to Tchaikovsky’s timeless music and delightful original numbers, this ninety-minute event boasts amazing choreography by Patti Caplett. He has professionally taken part in more than one hundred ballet performances. Anne Armit has designed the beautiful costumes and winner of Gemini Award, Brian Purchaluk has created the breathtaking sets. Max & Ruby started as a charming book series selling more than three million books all across the world. Max & Ruby made their TV debut in 2012 and children from all over the world enjoy their mischievous pranks. Purchase some cheap Max Wilkes Barre tickets and take your children to watch the entertaining live show.