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Nominated for the prestigious Lortel Award for ‘Outstanding Musical’ and ‘Outstanding Choreography’, Junie B Jones is a show based on Barbara Park’s famous children books. This very famous show is directed by Peter Flynn and choreographed by Devanand Janki. Although it is equally popular among adults and kids, it is specially recommended for kids of age 5 and above, since the main character of the show, Junie B., herself is of the same age group.

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Junie B. Jones

Events Venue Location Date Price Tickets
Junie B. Jones the Musical Savannah Children's Theatre Savannah Friday
10/6/2017 7:00 PM
$61.00 Buy
Junie B. Jones the Musical Savannah Children's Theatre Savannah Saturday
10/7/2017 3:00 PM
$61.00 Buy
Junie B. Jones the Musical Savannah Children's Theatre Savannah Sunday
10/8/2017 3:00 PM
$61.00 Buy
Junie B. Jones Is Not A Crook Paramount Theatre And Visual Arts Center Saint Cloud Friday
10/20/2017 7:30 PM
$68.00 Buy
Junie B. Jones Is Not A Crook Paramount Theatre And Visual Arts Center Saint Cloud Saturday
10/21/2017 2:00 PM
$68.00 Buy

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About Junie B Jones

Since the show is based on series of books written by Barbara Park, which have also been translated into French and Spanish, it is only pertinent to mention the main characters of these books. Phillip Johnny Bob, Helen Miller, Frank Miller, Oliver "Ollie" Jones, Susan Jones, Robert "Bob" Jones and Juniper Beatrice Junie B. Jones, are the main characters with Junie B’s character of central importance. She is loveable, bright, and a friendly character, who lives with her family. She has blue-green eyes and reddish-brown hair. The family has a dog named Tickle. Her favorite foods are spaghetti and meatballs, ice cream and lemon pie. Junie B Jones. is afraid of clowns, ponies, and roosters. She has catch phrases for different circumstances like "Hello! How are you today?", "Yeah, only", and "Wowie wow wow!" And just like any individual, she has her share of friends and rivals at the kindergarten.

Bob Jones is Junie B’s father, who is shown to have a loveable personality, affectionately called "Daddy" by Junie B. Susan Jones is Junie B’s mother, who is at times over-protective. Junie B. calls her "Mother". She is shown to wear make-up and has short, blonde hair. Ollie Jones is Junie B’s kid brother. As it usually is in almost every household, there is a sibling rivalry between the two, as Junie B. does not like Ollie too much, however, as an elder sister, she does care for him. She has a grandfather as well whom she calls "Grampa Miller". His full name is Frank Miller. There is a "Grandma Miller" as well whose real name is Helen Miller. The Millers’ look after the kids (Ollie and Junie B.) while Bob and Susan are away. Grampa Miller is Junie B’s favorite since he lets her do pretty much whatever it is that she wants, unlike her mother. She also helps him fix stuff in the house. Her Grandma, whom she calls by her first name, has a bird interestingly called Twitter. Another main character of the book series is Phillip Johnny Bob, who is actually a stuffed elephant. Junie B’s favorite, he accompanies her everywhere. She thinks that he protects her and feels safe when he is around her. She also has a Barbie doll named Delores. The elephant does not like Delores.

The ever-pleasant personality, Junie B. Jones has a long list of friends, although her list of foes is fortunately short. Her friends are Lennie, Jose, Herb, Grace and Lucille, amongst others. Her rivals are May and Jim. Jim however becomes her friend in the later series and admits having a crush on Junie B. Since the story always revolves around Junie B., and she is a kindergarten student, so there are teachers and administrative staff at that kindergarten as well. Junie B. Jones shares a different chemistry with her teachers and the school staff. The principal, whom she calls "Principal", is someone whom she thinks is a king, although he does not wear a crown. She does not like the "typing lady" in the principal’s office whom she thinks is scary and intimidating.

Junie B Jones is also famous for her unique catch phrases. In addition to the catch phrases mentioned earlier, she often uses phrases like "That is a hoot, I tell you!", "Missy’s my name when I’m in trouble.", "Dumb Bunny.", "Boom… Do the math.", "CALL 911 CALL 911!" She often uses the last one when distressed, scared or shocked. And when she does not like something or something is nagging her she often says, "Here’s the problem…."
The New York Times, while reviewing one of the performances of Junie B. Jones, described "Junie B. Jones….. remains a spirited entertainment." It is certainly entertaining both for the kids and their parents. It entertains the kids for obvious reasons, but has enough verbal and visual humor to keep their parents entertained as well. So do not wait and buy your Junie B Jones Tickets now!

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