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The lovable blue-green eyed Junie B. Jones is back, this time continuing her Kindergarten adventures live on stage. The protagonist of Barbara Park’s children’s book series, Junie B. is a fun loving and adorable young girl who journeys through her Kindergarten years, accompanied by her equally jolly friends Grace, Lucille, William and Ricardo. The musical adaptation of the book series will be presented at the Clowes Memorial Hall this season, where Junie B. will continue her fun ride as she enters the first grade. The new show is based on the books ‘One Man Band’, ‘Boss of Lunch’, ‘First Grader At Last’ and ‘Top Secret Personal Beeswax’.

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Barbara Park is a renowned award-winning children’s book author. Her first Junie B. Jones book, ‘The Stupid Smelly Bus’ was published in 1992. Since then Barbara and Junie B.’s illustrator Denise Brunkus, have published more than twenty five books in the series. The books have become a hit among children and reveal Junie B.’s various encounters with friends, teachers and rivals. In this light-hearted musical adaptation, Junie B. Jones will be seen coping with new teachers, friends and her cherished new glasses as she joins first grade.
A must watch for children and families, the musical is not only entertaining but also highly educational, making classrooms fun. Getting cheap Indianapolis Junie B. Jones tickets will allow fans to directly interact with Junie B. after the show as well as get cool giveaways. So grab Indianapolis Junie B. Jones tickets for a memorable evening with friends and family.