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The Golden Dragon Acrobats is a world renowned Chinese acrobat company that known to celebrate the Chinese art of acrobats that has been around for over twenty centuries. The Acrobats have been able to become a well recognized performing company throughout the United States. It is known for the artistic details that they tend to by incorporating lavish backdrops, extravagant costumes with traditional and ancient dance styles and music in their routines. The company presents a show that is spectacularly breathtaking, so make your way if you wish to become a part of the upcoming event by getting your hands on cheap Golden Dragon Acrobats tickets.

About Golden Dragon Acrobats

The Golden Dragon Acrobats was established in the year 1967 by Lien Chi Chang. He along with his two children, Danny Chang and his sister, collaborated with art and acrobat students, as young as eight years to eighty years of age, showing versatility never seen before. From the year of its establishment to 1984, it was Lien Chi Chang who led the company to perform throughout different nations and his son, Danny often accompanied him on these touring expeditions. During his apprenticeship under his father, Danny Chang was approached by the National Acrobats Troupe of Republic of China; a prominent school that is based in Taiwan, to join them on their tours.
Danny developed an interest in acrobats since the naïve age of seven, and was personally trained by his father. It was finally after seventeen years of training, when Danny Chang replaced his father’s place as President of The Golden Dragon Acrobats. His father, Lien Chi Chang became National Taiwan College of Performing Arts’ head teaching coach. When Danny Chang took charge of the place, he had a vision in mind; he wanted to recreate the company and turn it into one that will be world renowned. He employed Bill Fegan as his manager to create a standing in the United States of America. Danny Chang, alongside his wife Angela, has been able to create a strong repute over the years. Each year, the couple makes their way to the various acrobatic competitions taking place throughout the world, in order to recruit the most professional acrobats for their company.
After 1985, The Golden Acrobats were seen touring massively throughout North America and across numerous theme parks. They kept on impressing audiences and received positive reviews. Then in 1998, the company founded the Asian Artists Production Inc., as a result of its growing popularity. Apart from The Golden Acrobats, the company now produces numerous other acrobatic shows such as Circo Magnifico, The Amazing Chinese Acrobats, Pagoda, Dream and Cirque D’or, just to name a few. Over the years, the company has performed repeating acts throughout all fifty state of America and presents annual shows averaging to two hundred in number. The company has been able to differentiate and separate themselves from the other Chinese acrobat companies by depicting a unique traditional Chinese style in order to promote the true culture. If you wish to take a part in this cultural exchange, all you need to do is make your way to the Golden Dragon Acrobats upcoming show, by purchasing Golden Dragon Acrobats tickets without any further delay.
The company’s performances have earned it various recognitions and awards throughout the years. They have been named the Entertainer of the Year by the National Association of Campus Activities for seven times. The Golden Dragon Acrobats have also received Performer of the Year award by Campus Activities Today and two Drama Desk Awards for Best Broadway Performance. They have also received awards in numerous competitions such as Henan Regional Acrobatic Competition, the National Teen Acrobatic Competition, the China National Acrobatic Competition, the International Young Adult Acrobatic Competition and the Italian National Acrobatic Competition. They were also recipients of the President’s Award which was given to them by the International Acrobatic Competition. If you wish to see an upcoming award winning performance by the extravagant Golden Dragon Acrobats, then it is time to buy Golden Dragon Acrobats tickets today.

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