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There are not many folks out there who enjoy entertainment that can deny knowing of the charming spirited and delightful Strawberry Shortcake. For nearly eight years now, Canadian children have been treated to an enjoyable extravaganza called Rock and Bops and The Doodlebops. Whoever said that showbiz and stage is only for grownups and adults. This show will change everyone’s perspective on stage drama and music. An amalgamation of two great ideas, Doodlebops & Strawberry Shortcake, is no longer a far-fetched idea. The two acts will now be performing together. Fans of both shows will flock to the ticket stand where ever the show premiers.

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About Doodlebops Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake is a theatrical representation. Children from different ages are all familiar with Strawberry Shortcake and her entourage of friends. These include the infamous Blueberry Muffin, loveable Plum Pudding, eye-catching Cherry Jam, interesting Lemon Meringue and the one and only Orange Blossom. Their motto has always been, “little girls do berry big things”. They sure live up to it and make everyone in attendance want for more. The quirky names of their shows are just a little more twist in the tail. Kids anywhere would love names like Berry Own Beat and Berry Bitty City. The city is not your average wonderland. Streets lined up with blueberry muffins and ginger bread men. Poles made out of candy and meringues for lamps. It is a dream land for the sweet tooth of every child and even adults. The twists and captivating drama with events like the Glitzy Glaze Talent Show and The Candy Party ensure an elevating experience for every audience. It is no small wonder then that the producers at the famous Koba Entertainment Company had thought of bringing the most amazing shows on earth for kids, under one production, the Doodlebops & Strawberry Shortcake.
The Doodlebops was first conceived in Canada by Michael Hirsh and Lee Wilcox. Carl Lenox joined the producers to bring this amazing concept to life. It became an instant hit from the first time it aired in 2004. The popularity of the show grew so exponentially that within a year broadcasting networks from across the globe were rearing to get rights so that they could air the show as well. Rooney, Moe and Dee Dee Doodle became child sensations from Canada to Australia. Music was never so hip and happening for kids as much as it had become since the Doodlebops hit the air waves. The very idea of Doodlebops & Strawberry Shortcake was destined to be glorious.
The music released by the Doodlebops was a sensation from the word go. Kids’ charts across North America were blazing with the top ten rankings showing Dee Dee Doodles tunes ace every other competition or rival. On the broadcasting front, Disney Playhouse, BBC and CBC have been featuring the Doodlebops in kid’s primetime for nearly eight years. Lisa J Lenox started acting and singing at a very young age. She won not only beauty pageants but won talent shows across America before making it big with the Doodlebops. Chad McNamara is the voice and act behind Rooney Doodle. Kids everywhere think that he can never be replaced. Jon Wexler is the brains responsible for the character of Moe Doodle.
Greeting cards have been a thing for centuries. It was only in the last century with valentines and birthday greetings going viral that greeting cards actually became a necessity. Strawberry Shortcake became a licensed character for American Greeting Associated in 1997. Since the inception of Strawberry Shortcake, it is said that the only other recognizable card character is Huggy Bear. Toys, dolls, calendars and posters were inevitable. Andrea Nevitt came up with the brilliant idea of making a show out of such a phenomenal rack-success. Naturally, Strawberry Shortcake became an instant hit across the globe. Doodlebops &Strawberry Shortcake tickets are tickets to enjoy an event that is filled with both humor and heritage. The kids of today have more than Snow White and Cinderella stories to tell their offspring one day and why not!

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A:No, Doodlebops Strawberry Shortcake Tickets prices are as and how they are mentioned and contain no hidden charges whatsoever.

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