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Folks has it ever occurred to you that you can see your favorite Disney characters out of the television and live in front of you. Have your thoughts come to reality when you join Disney’s most favorite Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse on their trip into the mystical worlds of Walt Disney’s most celebrated characters like Pete Pan, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid and the fun loving story of an alien Lilo & Stitch. Make your way through the captivating adventures of Ariel and Sebastian in the kingdom under the sea; fly though the glittering skies with Peter Pan and the enchanting little fairy Tinker Bell; walk on the sandy beaches and explore new aliens with Lilo & Stitch; and journey through the Pride Lands with your favorite lions Simba and Nala. It is a guarantee that you will be fascinated by the laughter, beauty and music on this thrilling journey that you would want to watch more of it. So why not grab a hold of Disney on ice Mickey tickets and join in the experience, to see your favorite Mickey and Minnie live on stage!

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About Disney On Ice Mickey


Disney on Ice is actually a touring show performed on ice which was produced by Field Entertainment under a contract with The Walt Disney. The production of this show started in 1981 and was given the name Walk Disney’s World on Ice. The name was later on altered in 1998 to Disney on Ice. The characteristic of this show is that it has figure skaters dressed up Walt Disney’s cartoon characters that perform their music as well as the theme upon the basics collected from different Walt Disney cartoon music. It’s basically aimed for audience who are mostly children who enjoy and love these cartoon characters. The show is mainly circulated around Mickey and Minnie mouse’s adventure to the Neverland with Peter Pan; to Lilo & Stitch in Hawai; Under the Sea to the kingdom of Ariel and Sebastian; and to Simba and Nala in Africa.

The longest running show has been the called Mickey and Minnie’s Amazing Journey which has lasted sixteen years and is still going on. Even though it is the best and biggest show to be performed with a large number of audiences, it is within everyone’s approach. The parking spaces are located at the best places and each of them is nearest to the entrance of the arena so it is less hassle to have little kids to walk a shorter distance.  The arena is decorated in a way that the minute you step inside it you would truly think of yourself as being transferred to a totally different world. A world of Walt Disney, everywhere you look there are themes of cartoon characters toys, sounds, songs. It is a place where children dress up as their favorite Disney cartoon character and make the best of it all. It is like a miniature heaven for them. Also there is no need to worry about your kids as the staff at the arena is very helpful and patient and would be at hand to assist you.
The show starts with the music and entrance of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck. Everyone’s most famous characters, they are the VIP hosts at the show. The skaters under the costumes give such a magical performance that you would forget everything and would actually start believing that they truly exist. Through there brilliant performances they take you on a journey to the world of Disney where you see the other cartoon characters like and can have a real life experience of their worlds.
It does not matter what your age is, as all of us have grown up watching Mickey and Minnie mouse since it was in black and white! This is surely a chance to revive your childhood thoughts and experience the fun you once had watching these cartoons. Disney on Ice is surely the best way to provide you and your kids the entertainment you have been searching for. It is not only Cartoon characters dressed up in costumes but actually figure skaters on ice giving you the best show of your life. After watching the show you would not want to go home. Buy your Disney on ice Mickey tickets and get the best seats at front to see these skaters more closely and have a fun night out with your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A:You can look through the checkout page of Mickey Allen Tickets for your required details.

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