Disney on Ice is a dream come true not only for the children but even adults. Generation have enjoyed the fun antics of Mickey and Minnie Mouse and entered adulthood along with Goofy and Donald Duck. Now these all-time favorite characters come to life right in front of our eyes in the form of Disney on Ice. Cedar Park will soon be hosting this family entertainment event, Disney on Ice Cedar Park tickets for which are on sale now.

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Disney on Ice is on tour with its popular gig Let’s Celebrate that staged its first show in 2009. Described as “One big colossal party on ice”, it has been returning to arenas on popular demand. Old and new Disney characters join hands in this grand party and entertain the audience with exciting storyline, catchy songs and incredible dance numbers. Mickey and Minnie Mouse lead the pack and are joined by the beautiful princesses and handsome princes. Popular characters from the acclaimed animated movie, “The Princess and The Frog” make their debut on the Disney on Ice platform.


The audience is taken to a world of fantasy where they are treated to magical moments, lavish costumes and high energy action. Some of the most popular events are celebrated on ice, which include Halloween in which the Disney villains take the center stage. A grand Royal Ball is also arranged to mark Valentine’s Day and in this event the princesses take the lead. One exciting scene will lead to another. Don’t miss Disney on Ice Let’s Celebrate this season.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Do you charge Disney On Ice Cedar Park tickets for kids below two?

A:Charging of Disney On Ice Tickets for children of or below two years of age depends on the rules and regulations of the venue. Contact the venue directly for details.