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With the Circus OZ tickets in your hands, you are surely going to enjoy one of the most impressive and astounding circus shows that you have ever seen before. The absolutely breathtaking acts, the joyful fun and the greatest Australian comedy which is for people of all ages is brought to you by none other than the magnificent Circus OZ.  This circus company was created 35 years ago in Melbourne in Australia. The 30th grand birthday celebrations of this company painted the three glorious decades of the circus touring extensively on an international level. The festivities also proved it to be solidified in the hearts of Australians from every generation.

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About Circus Oz

The circus has travelled to nearly every metropolis city. From the popular New York City to Hong Kong, this is one of those circus companies in the world that has all of its performances self-crafted in a manner that blends in style, humor, wit and a remarkable exhibit to twenty-six countries spanning on all five continents. The circus has received an immense amount of critical acclaim and is a favorite amongst those who enjoy circus performances. This circus can be defined as being animal free and totally awesome, makes it into a live event that is greatly enjoyed. The total time of the event is of two hours that is filled with awesome agility, stunts that are death defying, grand acrobatic displays, flippant humor and a rocking live music band.
This circus has a mission statement that thrives on multiplicity, forbearance and human affection. Over the last many years, the organization has been affiliated with the social cause of justice. It is known for working annually in collaboration with various charities, local communities and has successfully raised more than $392,000 in the form of donations in order to support of those looking for asylums and for refugees.
When Circs OZ came into being in 1978, it was a merger that existed between two booming Australian companies by the names of the New Circus and Soapbox Circus. The mission statement of the company has been profoundly displayed in the performances that you can witness live. They fervently believe in team work, creative creation, gender equality as well as ownership. The members who created this brilliant circus truly enjoyed the expertise and tricks of the conventional circus. However, they wanted to create a novel circus that would be fresh yet appeal to those who love the traditional form of circus. So they blended the signature element of popular satire, rock ‘n’ roll as well as theatre in the circus. They aimed for the circus to be humorous and simply dazzling and for it to be a festivity of a group of performers both men and women who were experts rather than acclaimed stars.
When the circus first went on the road for touring, it was seen as one of the most refreshing, fun and totally enchanting circus shows ever. Just within a few years from its inception, this circus gained much local fame and was soon en route to international lands where it received a colossal amount of fame. Ever since it has been created, this circus has effectively been seen live by thousands of circus-goers in twenty-six countries all over the globe. Over three million people in the world have accounted for being a part of this magnificent display of pure entertainment.
The Circus has been reported to have broken box office records at the popular Edinburgh Fringe Festival and has also been a symbol of great pride for Australia as it has been seen in various international festivals.  They have effectively performed on the famous 42nd Street which is located at the fashionable Tivoli Gardens, in a gorgeous glass opera house venue in the Brazilian rainforest, in many native communities existing in the deserts of Australia and also in the West Bank in a refugee camp. There seems to be n place where this circus has not been too. As they have travelled to far off lands, they have creatively refreshed their performances and also translated many shows in other languages. If you want to book your Circus OZ tickets then this is a great time to do it. You will truly enjoy this circus with your friends and loved ones.

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