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When it comes to children’s TV and children’s shows, Barney is an immensely popular show in the same lines as Sesame Street – although it involves a fully suited purple dinosaur (known as Barney). Barney Live in Concert is in fact created by and produced by the same group that is behind the incredibly successful Sesame Street TV show and the Sesame Street Live performances. In fact, Barney Live in Concert is based off a TV show of the same name – Barney & Friends – and the live performance itself is a theatrical marvel based on various stories surrounding Barney and his various friends – Baby Bop, BJ, and Riff.

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About Barney Live!

Barney Live is made up of a number of live performances – performances that include a live stage concert, various interactive programs, a good number of sing along tunes (around 25 of these) and all of them based around an event – Barney’s Birthday. Within the various tunes played in the live concert, there are a number of show favorites that children are absolutely enthralled with. These tunes include ‘Mr. Knickerbocker’, ‘Baby Bop Hop’, ‘Rock ‘n Roll Star’ and ‘Dino Dance’- all of which are immensely captivating for young children. Barney Live is, in short, a performance suited for young children from children who have recently celebrated their first birthday to those who have celebrated their fifth – and it is even more interesting if the children watch it with their parents. So what are you waiting for? Get Barney Live tickets, right here right now at prices and packages suited to every budgets, prices that you definitely will not glimpse anywhere else online.
At the Barney Live concert, children can see Barney, live, perform dances and sing various tunes alongside his buddies, Baby Bop, BJ and Riff – in a fun filled, interesting manner that depicts various emotions between friends, emotions such as sharing, friendship and caring for each other. As such, it is not only an entertaining experience but also an educational experience and a life building experience. Barney and his friends, as such, not only entertain children but teach them about a number of things – helping cultivate an atmosphere of friendship and care. In fact, not only children learn from it but parents as well – directly from the show as well as from the camaraderie that develops when a family goes to watch a show together.
A Barney Live performance is therefore not only a source of both education and entertainment for your child, but a source of education and entertainment for your entire family as well – a family gathering enjoying by both parents and their children. The Barney Live cast is made up of four main characters – as well as the occasional guest character. The main characters, as aforementioned, are Barney himself, the star of the show, alongside BJ, Baby Bop and Riff.
Barney is basically a purple T-rex, a prehistoric 200 million year old dinosaur – although he hardly looks that old! – who is a lovable character, a character who is both caring and imaginative. He takes children across a journey in which they explore amazing places and experiences, as they grow. He likes to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwich – a fact that makes him even more lovable for children (you can even tell your child that he/she should eat such a sandwich since Barney does!). And lastly, his color of choice is purple – which is his natural color as well.
After Barney comes Baby Bop. Baby Bop is a she ‘triceratops’ – but hardly intimidating as her ancestors. In fact, she is as shy and domesticated as her ancestors were, purportedly, and she likes learning about everything, is curious and is also talks a lot at times. She likes doing everything girls like – singing, dancing, arts and dressing up. She even takes nap on her favorite yellow blanket! Lastly we have BJ, Baby Bop’s brother who is very protective of his sister. As a guy, he likes baseball and is extremely fond of the Captain Pickles snack, a character he also likes imitating. He is an athletic and adventurous guy who likes playing with toys boys generally like – cars, planes, trucks and spacecrafts. Lastly, he has a red scooter that he cane be seen riding.
To top it off, and to convince you of buying Barney Live tickets – if you haven’t already been convinced, whose chances are extremely low – comes Riff, a ‘hadrosaur’ – cousing to Baby Bop and BJ. He likes music – everything to do about it, from singing to listening. He even imitates animal sounds and is always ready for adventure!
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