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Considered to be an infectious joy and a contagious pleasure, Women of Ireland is a performance that one can truly die for. A Super human effort according to Herald Tribune, the show is an exciting and innovative full stage concert production truly reminiscent of the Irish women of the next generation. The talented leading female performers of Ireland take the stage like anything as they portray the blend of traditional Irish music, dance and songs like anything. The key feature in the performance is the portrayal of the Irish Music which has been beautifully transported from the Irish fireside to the Concert halls of international standard. In a contemporary style the typical Irish music qualities are presented on stage that makes it special and magnificent too.

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About Women of Ireland

Comprising of five female singers from Ireland, Women of Ireland is a full stage performance of its own kind. The reflection of Irish culture and tradition is very much significant in the performance that makes it even more appealing and special too. Michelle Lally is the lead vocalist and is one of the most powerful Irish singers of Hibernian Rhapsody. Her tones of contemporary Irish music are hard to resist with the gentle charm of her pure tone thus making her a special feature to look for in the show. Ingrid Madsen is the acclaimed singer with focus on contemporary and traditional folk singing. Her repertoire of extensive Celtic and Irish contemporary songs makes her one of the must see features in the show.

Another female performer Zoe Conway is a solo artist and had been a fiddler who performed at some of the most prestigious events. She has successfully released two albums and is a great contributor to Women Of Ireland. Denise Brennan is yet another name who has started her music career when she was just nineteen. Since then she has simply taken the music as a passion and toured Mexico, America and Cananda. She has a large range from Modern to Classical to Contemporary Celtic and Irish beats. She was also the part of Riverdance show which was a super hit of Broadway. Nothing could complete Women of Ireland without a dancer and Siobhan Manson. An award winning Irish dancer has simply proved her talent to the world by some of her immaculate performances. She is also the lead dancer of the phenomenal hit show Riverdance. She has performed in front of millions of audience in 2009 at the Chinese New Year Festival at Beijing.

Some of the best performers of Ireland have been the part of Women of Ireland. These performers have immortalized the traditional Irish songs, dance and music bringing it to the world in the most original form. Some of the key productions have been presented by Franklin Gavin & De Dannan. A Fiddle player and a great musician Frankin Gavin has simply taken the hearts of millions by his immaculate performances. Being the founding member of the band De Dannan and a legendary singer, Frankin has kept the Irish tradition alive by all means. Get Women of Ireland tickets and get a chance to witness the troupe of world class Irish dancers and great musicians which will be an experience in itself. Some of the noteworthy song numbers add to the glory of the traditional Irish music and gives a chance to the dancers to present a phenomenal performance. With a promise to give a marvelous music experience, Women of Ireland show is one of a kind that should never be missed at any cost.

The bend of Irish classical and contemporary beats makes it worth listening to and an experience that one can grab only once in a lifetime. Now the Women of Ireland will soon reach Asia and Australia with the kind collaboration of Arts Asia Pacific and Celtic Entertainment. The public gets exceptionally hyper as they hear the news of the melodious women coming to their city. Expect Cheap Women of Ireland Tickets for a show that will stick to your memory for the times to come, so do not miss the opportunity!

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