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The Irish Tenors entertain audiences in their own unique ways. Be it on television or live shows they will sure make you love the moment you’re in. Based in Ireland this musical trio stepped into the world of entertainment in 1998. Coming together for a concert performance at Ireland’s Royal Dublin Society Complex, they managed to put up a great show and an admirable number of people attended the concert. The show was also recorded for the purpose of television broadcasting. The rest as we all know is history! Find out what the trio has in store for you and click on your deals of the Irish Tenors tickets from us right away! Attune your ears to their evergreen hits such as “Only Our Rivers Run Free,” “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” and have a great time while singing along them.

About The Irish Tenors Tickets

This PBC musical group was first brought together by a hand full of television producers for the PBS special The Irish Tenors. Till date they have a total of five PBCS specials and a total of seven albums to their credit. The group constitutes of three members, namely, Ronan Tynan, Finbar Wright and last but not the least, Anthony Kearns. The idea struck like lightening with Daniel Harte & Hughes who first thought of forming the Irish Tenors. It all happened at the Cannes Festival where the very famous Three Tenors were also performing. The Tenors include, Plácido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti and José Carreras. They were so popular among the fans that many were compelled to imitate and copy them which is why they had many imitations at that time. The Irish Tenors however remain to be the most successful till date
The Irish Tenor has thrilled audiences on screen and off screen both. The famous trio has acquired worldwide fame. Roughly speaking they have spend over a decade in the entertainment world and their tunes are hummed among fans from all nooks and corners of the world. Their uniqueness lies in the way they experiment with different genres of music and present them as pure classics. Since the time of debut they have managed to receive rave reviews from the audiences as well as the critics alike, which is why they enjoy world wide fame today reaching to a large number of listeners far beyond their original audience in hometown Ireland.  Make sure to grab hold of your ticket deals as this world wide phenomenon now plans a tour at a venue near you.
All three members of the trio have achieved great success through their musical endeavors. McDermont thought of recording some Irish songs and presenting them to his parents over their fiftieth wedding anniversary, it was here that a chain of events led him into the group. A copy of his album ended up with EMI Music label, who wasted no further time in signing him to a contract. Tynan is a true hero as he overcame his disability of two prosthetic legs to pursue a wonderful career, He has been the proud winner of numerous equestrian championships and honors for top finishes many European vocal competitions. Coming to the third and the last member of the trio, Kearns, who happens to be a leading lyric tenor in Ireland . A number of changed were introduced in 2000, just before setting off for tour, McDermott left the group and was replaced by Finbar Wright.
Their album roster is definitely no less than a mouth watering treat as it spells out album names such as, Home for Christmas which released in 1999. The following year their next album came out, it was called, Live in Belfast. Ellis Island, We Three Kings, Heritage and Sacred have all done very well. In fact the Irish Tenors have managed to have a total of seven best-selling albums which is of course very impressive. Book your deals of the the Irish Tenors tickets and attune your ears to songs like “My Heart Will Go On” and Irish classics like “Danny Boy.”

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