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A music group that has been enjoying a massive fan following for the past many years is coming soon to perform live in Moncton! The body of Celtic Thunder consists of six very talented musicians, Ryan Kelly, Neil Byrne, Keith Harkin, Daniel Furlong, George Donaldson and Emmet Cahill. Like all their previous sold out concerts, the upcoming Celtic Thunder Moncton show is also said to be one of the biggest musical events of the year. According to many renowned critics of the world, Celtic Thunder is by far one of the best Irish folk acts in America. Celtic Thunder is known for its eclectic style and outstanding songs that range from solo versions to ensemble style compositions. The ambiance that the group creates at its live shows is incomparable.

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The stage, on which the group performs, resembles an ancient stone pathway which totally adds to the environment of the show. Besides that, Celtic Thunder also puts in a variety of special effects in order to give each song of theirs a unique feel. All of this is achieved by amazing choreography and dazzling lightning design. Let’s see what happens at the upcoming Celtic Thunder Moncton concert. Come prepared for a heavy dose of live entertainment. The band has released several studio albums and performed at various major platforms around the globe. Now it’s your turn to enjoy watching them absolutely live. Stop wasting time and grab your Celtic Thunder Moncton tickets as soon as you can!

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