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Celtic Thunder is a folk band based in Ireland. Celtic Thunder was originally formed in 1977; however, after a long hiatus came back with a brand new lineup in 2007. Since then it has been regularly releasing albums and performing live. Since its formation, the band has managed to release around nine studio albums and eight live performance compilations on. You may catch their upcoming themed concerts by getting cheap Celtic Thunder Jacksonville tickets.

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Celtic Thunder pays special attention to presentation of their concerts and each has a different theme. The stage is usually decorated in the Celtic lore style and there are special music and lighting effects. The sounds usually echo through the hall creating an even more mystic environment, accompanied by moody lights.
Celtic Thunder is presenting its latest production named “Mythology” on stage now. This new release involves some of the most mythological and mystical songs, and the theme is well explained in the title track named Voices. The album tells the tale of the Celtic people of the past and of the modern day. It is a story of their culture and a representation of their lore. For those who are fan of folk music and have interest in Irish lore, this is going to be an incredible experience. In order to be a part of it, all you need are Celtic Thunder Jacksonville tickets.

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