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They are tuneful, they have passion for real music and they are handsome, it is the Celtic Thunder group which has now taken the responsibility to satisfy your entertainment needs. It is relatively a new singing group but its music notes are mature and addictive. Celtic Thunder currently has 6 singers namely; Ryan Kelly, Paul Byrom, Keith Harkin, Neil Byrne, George Donaldson and Damin Mcginty. It has released 4 albums so far and has gained huge popularity through their perfect live performance.

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Celtic Thunder singers have registered themselves as serious singers and performers, their themed shows and its dramatic effect mystifies the audience. It is quite surprising to watch them live as each of their move and word conveys the same feeling as intended by the lyrics of a certain song. If you have not watched them live yet you are honestly missing a huge portion of your entertainment dose. A lot of people are craving for Celtic Thunder Tickets and only handful of them will have access to it. You better hurry up and order them now.
The honorable Celtic Thunder men represent their culture through their live performances. It is wonderful to witness their sincerity, love, personal strength, individuality and inbuilt attitude, no wonder they have such huge fan following which is increasing. The second reason for their ever increasing popularity is the selection of their songs, be it an ensemble or a solo work, the group knows how to enhance their individual strengths and synchronize as well. The sensational ballads, hit singles inducing peace, love and dejection are the most inspiring form of music and this is exactly what we know and love Celtic Thunder for.
. The group is known to have expertise at soft rock, adult contemporary, Broadway and folk genre and it is believed that they can do justice with whatever they sing. The group was created by the producer Sharon Browne and the composer Phil Coulter in 2007. They did several auditions in all over Scotland and Ireland and finally picked the current 6 singer to represent the Celtic men through Celtic Thunder which is backed by the Full Celtic Orchestra. Camera loves these men, their voices dig down deeper in the minds and souls of the listeners and they know the true elements for effective live shows. Celtic Thunder is been declared as the Top World Album Artist by the Billboard Magazine in 2009.
The group members of Celtic Thunder are not just mere performers following a script; they are stars with their own brilliant spark and element that makes the group a unique versatile venture in the music industry. These members have a history in music, for instance Neil Byrne learnt playing guitar, piano and drums from a very young age.  George Donaldson is the most experienced member of the group, plays guitar and flute and is a famous balladeer. Before joining the group, Paul Byrom had been playing before large live audience. Keith Harkin is also a musician and a songwriter, he has what an accomplish singer needs and soon the world will admit it. Ryan Kelly shares the same and equal music passion and so does the youngest Damin McGinty and they have proved their talents already.
Celtic Thunder has released 4 albums so far; Take Me Home, Celtic Thunder, Act Two and Its Entertainment. Their discography include 3 live performance DVDs. All American media gives the group enough coverage. The Celtics have been telecasted countless times on Public Broadcasting Service. American media knows what’s hot and what’s not, how such charming Celtic men could escape from it. Celtic Thunder is loved by the music fans for their work and performance at the songs; “The Mountain of Mourne”, “The Island”, “Desperado”, “Breaking Up is Hard to Do”,  “Brothers In Arms”, “Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen”, “Every Breath You Take”, “Home”, “Hallelujah”, “Raggle Taggle Gypsy” and many more. Celtic Thunder Tickets guarantee a perfect entertainment for anyone and everyone, hurry up and grab them now!