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Dipped in the roots of Irish lore, Celtic Thunder is a musical group that was formed in 1977. So far the band has released nine studio and eight live albums. They have composed music both as an ensemble as well as soloist, gaining fame because of their unique eclectic style. The lineup for the band has changed over the years; however, the basic idea behind its formation remains the same; to bring classic Irish music to stage. Now the band is bringing one of the most unique concepts on stage named “Mythology” for which you can book cheap Celtic Thunder Bemidji tickets from us.

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About Celtic Thunder Bemidji Tickets

Mythology is being considered as Celtic Thunder’s most ingenious and stunning production till today. Even the set is mysterious and imposing. The ancient standing stones and huge Celtic cross are inserted. The subtle lights along with soft echoes enhance the experience of the live event. The theme behind Mythology can be found in the title track named ‘Voices’. It tells the tale of the Celtic people, their culture and their legends. It also relates the story of the modern day Celtic people.
Celtic Thunder has always been known for its beautiful stage settings and the overall concert experience that the band lays emphasis on. Their show is a must attend for anyone who loves music and enjoys Irish lore. To attend this mythical evening, you can avail the discounted Celtic Thunder Bemidji tickets deals.