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If you want to enjoy exotic Irish dances, with beautiful music, the Celtic Rhythm performance is the event you dont want to miss. It is basically an Irish dance company featuring dancers that perform for local hospitals, schools, weddings, festivals and senior citizens or we can say for all national and international events. It was established in the year 1996 and has emerged to be one of the most successful dance troupe in Ireland as well as around the world. It comprises of 88 best dancers of the country. Their movements are fine and thus make the whole event exquisite. The performances given by them exhibit the talent that these dancers posses. The movements are extremely well coordinated and make the whole experience unbelievable. They have been performing for all sorts of audiences since its establishment.


They show is a mixture of modern as well as traditional Irish dance forms. The amalgamation is done in such a way that it makes it impossible for the viewers to differentiate between the two dance forms. It caters to all sorts of audiences and the outstanding performances of the dancers gives the stage an unreal appearance there by taking them into the world of imagination. Celtic Rhythm is popular for presenting before the audience a high paced and a very fast show. The performance is for only thirty five minutes and comprises of a medley of both traditional and modern Irish dances presented by five dancers. Irish dancing basically focuses mostly on formations, rhythm and speed accompanied by the raw music produced from tapping feet on the stage. Another important feature of the performance is that they interact with the audience and make them a part of the performance as well.


The success of Celtic Rhythm is not a work of a single person. A lot of people played a part in its being so popular and successful. Among those is Hazel Donnelly who is the dance instructor of Celtic Rhythm. She was born in Ireland in 1975 and moved to Cincinnati, Ohio in the year 2000.She started dancing when she was four years old at Peter Bolton School of Dance in Portmarnock. At twelve years of age she went to the May Crean school of Irish Dance in Santry, Dublin. She exhibited immense talent and passion for dance from her early childhood years. When she was 12 years old she participated in almost every dance competition that was held within the boundaries of Ireland. Over the years she realized that she enjoyed traditional Irish dance forms more and then she along with some other members of the Crean school joined the Doyles Irish Cabaret. After its success and immense popularity that it received, Hazel decided to start a dance company of her own that would focus more on the traditional Irish dance mixed with modern dance forms as well. This led to the opening of Celtic Rhythm.


The director of Celtic Rhythm dance Company is Stephania Sengpiehl.Her passion for dance can be seen from the very beginning. She started dancing when she was two years old. In the beginning she took very few classes in a week but when she reached ten years of age she was taking three to five classes in a day. As she grew older her passion for dance increased and she started participating in any kind of dance activity that came her way. At the age of 12 she was helping performers back stage just to be part of the dance show. Later on Stephania studied Irish Studies Program Irish dance, at Boston University. From then onwards there was no looking back and this led her to become the director of Celtic Rhythm as she was of the opinion that dance is a gift and one should pass this gift of GOD to those who are in search of it.


Celtic Rhythm Tickets will help you witness an event that would take you to a world of the unreal as so much talent on a single stage leaves the audience in awe.