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Bluegrass can be described as a genre of country music. It has been influenced by many different kinds of areas including African America, Irish, Scottish and English. The music that we now recognize as bluegrass used to be accompanied with rural dancing called clogging. Going into the history of this music, it’s learnt that when immigrants came to Appalachia, from Scotland, Ireland, Whales and England, they brought with them the musical influences of these various countries. Dance music and English ballads were some of these traditions that they brought along. Many of the ballads we see today stem from England. Lyrically, they preserve the tradition of English ballad. There are other such songs that have roots in Scotland. Some ballads are called different names depending on which place is being talked about.  No matter what the place or name, overall bluegrass tickets are demanded throughout the year.
Similar to jazz, in bluegrass as well, one instrument dominates at one time. These instruments take turns playing. This is especially the case in melodies called breakdowns. This can be compared to older styles whereby all the instruments are playing the tune at the same time. The tunes of bluegrass can be seen as narratives of the basic lifestyle of the average people, based on where the music is originating from. Some of the themes on which it is based include lost love, tensions in relationships and the difficulty of living in particular regions.
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Such music has attracted many people worldwide and it is widely acclaimed and appreciated. Quite unlike the country music, such music is played on instruments that are stringed. These normally include the harmonica, mandolin, guitar, fiddle and the upright bass. The type and number of instruments used is a matter of controversy. Some argue that real bluegrass music is only that which includes mandolin, fiddle, guitar, banjo and bass. Those that are seen to be departing from this traditional kind of music include accordion, piano, drums and electric guitar. All this has resulted in this kind of music being called ‘Newgrass’. With your cheap bluegrass tickets you can now hear it live.
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