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One of the best alternative rock bands to have emerged from California, Young the Giant is considered to be the rising star on the horizon of American rock music world! Composed of musical prodigies, the band has enthralled its fans whenever and wherever it has performed. Their ever increasing fame knows no boundaries; the band has performed in all the four corners of the world. Considering that it is one of the youngest bands playing alternative rock music today, it has grown in leaps and bounds, with their music getting diverse and richer with time. Surely with bands like Young the Giant the American music industry keeps churning up one exceptional music band after another, keeping the true lovers of music amused and entertained! You can now mark your attendance at their upcoming concert with your Young the Giant tickets.

About Young The Giant

The band is actually the reincarnation of a now defunct, the Jakes. The group played indie rock, alternative rock and rock music and was formed in 2004 in Irvine. While it is usually the case with bands in initial stages of formation, the Jakes too went through plenty of ups and downs with ever changing line up. However, by 2008, the line up was pretty settled and was consisted of Jason Burger, Francois Comtois, Eric Cannata, Ehson Hashemian, Jacob Tilley, and Sameer Gadhia. With the exception of Burger and Hashemian, the rest are today what is called, Young the Giant.

It is pertinent to mention here that all of them were very young when the Jakes was formed, with two of them still in the high school, while the rest were in colleges. The young music geniuses released an extended play (EP), “Shake My Hand”. The response was unexpectedly resounding, forcing all of them to take a break from education and concentrate fully on their career. And as the band started to participate in various music festivals across the nation, their name and music started to attract more and more fans and listeners.

Young the Giant, by 2009 had become a regular at Austin, Texas’ famous music festival, South by Southwest. Texans, with ears for alternative rock music, especially loved the band’s “Texas Tea”. This song would not only become their most requested song at the festival but would also get a fair amount of television time and was played on MTV. Another of the band’s singles, “Paid the Piper” was aired on A&E networks show, The Beast. “Cough Syrup”, would become a big hit in their native California and was especially played in Los Angeles radio stations on demand. Such a warm reception had made the band members realize that they were going to make it big in this industry and with that they changed the name to their present title.

It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that around this time Young the Giant tickets started to sell like hot cakes! The fact that they had specifically told their tour promoters to keep cheap Young the Giant tickets available, since their fans represented all economic classes, did them enormously well financially. Needless to say, with this attitude their fans loved them even more. With the trust and love of their fans with them the band took a giant leap in 2010 and released their debut album of the same name.
The album was however physically released in 2011 and was an instant hit. Amazon called it “third best rock album of 2010”. The album had 12 songs with additional 3 songs as bonus tracks. It had chart-busting songs like “Guns Out”, “Islands”, “Your Side”, and “My Body”, plus others. Gadhia, the lead vocalist sums up the underlying theme of the album in the following words: “feeling of isolation and almost surreal happiness with a lover.” While it was loved by the fans for obvious reasons, the album had the critics raving as well. Consequence of Sound rated it at 4.5 stars out of possible 5 stars and Allmusic gave it solid 3 stars. In short, their debut album catapulted them to the heights of commercial and critical success.
Young the Giant now comes to your town! Isn’t that one of the best news you’ve heard in some time? The band’s music is a real treat for the true lovers of alternative rock music! The fact that cheap Young the Giant tickets are still available is good news! The bad news however is that these tickets won’t be around for too long, so hurry and buy your Young the Giant tickets now!
Young the Giant is the most recent indie rock band to have dominated the American music charts with the unique quality of their sound and music. The band which was formed in 2010 released its first studio album the same year and from then onwards it has quickly achieved the status of mega superstars of the music world. With your cheap Young the Giant Los Angeles tickets you can catch all the five band members, Sameer Gadhia, the sensational Jacob Tilley, charismatic Eric Cannata, dynamic Payam Doostzadeh and the multitalented Francois Comtois absolutely live!
The stars of the Young the Giant Los Angeles concert released their self titled debut album in October 2010. The album which features twelve tracks has a total run time of fifty minutes and forty eight seconds. Most of the songs on this album were written and composed by the band members through collective efforts. Upon release several songs from this album became hits and performed well on the music charts. In the upcoming concert the band will be playing songs like “Apartment,” “I Got Cough Syrup,” “My Body, God Made Man,” “Guns Out,” ” Islands,” “Your Side,”  “Strings,”  “12 Fingers,”  “Typhoon, “ “Every Little Thing” and others from their first album and some new songs from their upcoming work.  If you want to attend a musical evening with the newest alternative indie rock band then get your Young the Giant Los Angeles tickets the moment you read this!  

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