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After selling millions of albums around the world and solidifying their status among the biggest names in the industry, the remarkable punk band Yellowcard are once again hitting the road. They have been on the music landscape for over two decades and owing to their presence on stage and the music they create have put themselves among the most celebrated groups of their era.

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About Yellowcard

Hundreds of Yellowcard tickets have been bought by their legion of fans all around the globe simply because they know what their favorite artists have to offer. Yellowcard was conceived in 1997 and made their debut later that year with the album Midget Tossing. They followed that up with releasing Where We Stand two years down the line. They shifted their focus from hardcore punk and ventured into the pop form of the genre. The move enabled them to reach a much bigger audience and it turned out to be a masterstroke. One for the Kids came out in the year 2001 but they really earned the success their talents deserved with their next album Ocean Avenue.

Ocean Avenue was released on 22nd July, 2003 and was their first creation with Capitol Records. It turned out to be an enormous hit that pushed Yellowcard among the big hitters of the industry. The album was headlined by a track of the same title which became a rage as soon as it came out. Ocean Avenue, the album went on to sell over two million copies to earn two times platinum certification. Two more songs Only One and Way Away also reached the top positions on various charts and their impact could be felt for the most part that year. The success of the album put them right under the spotlight. From magazines to music channels, Yellowcard began to appear everywhere. They went on an extensive tour in 2003 following the success of the album. The road trip lasted for two years and by the end of it the band members decided to take a little break from music.
After spending a few months away from the limelight they once again hit the studios to release their next album Lights and Sounds in the year 2006. It was a conceptual album that marked a shift in the band’s style of music from pop punk to alterative rock. The switch did not have any negative impact as the album became their second straight major hit. It appeared on the fifth sport on the Billboard 200. It was eventually certified gold by the RIAA. Their next album was titled Paper Walls and it hit the music stores on 17th July, 2007. It went on to receive very positive reviews from critics and became the iTunes second most popular album at the time.  To promote the album Yellowcard hit the road once again and performed in front of sell-out crowds at numerous venues around the country. In 2008, the group went on a hiatus once again but this break lasted longer than the previous one.
They spell on the sidelines ended in 2010 as they once again got ready to make their mark. The comeback started with the band headlining a series on concerts at different parts of the globe. They started to work on their next album When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes. It made it to music stores on 22nd March, 2011 and received favorable feedback from fans and critics alike. Alternative Press and Sputnikmusic gave it four stars out of five to make it another hit. Southern Air, their next album came out on 14th August, 2012 and became a big hit immediately. Allmusic gave it four starts out of five whereas Under the Gun gave it ten out of ten.
The immense popularity and longetivity of Yellowcard puts them in the selected category of the most successful groups of their era. From selling millions of copies around the globe to selling-out arenas everywhere they have been there and done it. They have nothing else to prove to anyone because their profile tells everything that there is to know about this outstanding group. If you want to witness what makes them so revered then grab your cheap Yellowcard tickets and catch them live.

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