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The Wintersleep Elliott Brood show brings together two famous bands in one mega event, so if you wish to make yourself a part of this musical ensemble, all you need to do is purchase Wintersleep Elliott Brood tickets today. Wintersleep is an indie rock band from Canada that was initiated in the year 2001 and has been actively performing songs that fall in the genre of indie rock music. The band was formed in a city named Halifax that is an urban area in the village of Nova Scotia. The group currently consists of five members that include Loel Campbell on drums, Paul Murphy on guitars, Tim D’eon on keyboards, Mike Bigelow on bass and Jon Samuel on keyboard.

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About Wintersleep Elliott Brood

After the formation of the band, it released two albums through the music label called Dependent Music in the year 1994, the same year in which the label was formed. Then in the year 2006, they were able to sign a deal with the Labwork Music, after which two debut albums were released. These albums were simply re-releases of the albums they released through Dependent music. Then in the year 2007, they came up with their third album through the same record label company. Their third album was named “Welcome to the Night Sky”. This album gained massive fame and popularity and was able to win the Juno Award for the New Group of the Year in the year 2008. The band received the honor of being invited to one of the legendary Paul McCartney’s concerts being held in the area of Halifax in the year 2009. The fourth album that was released by the band was in the year 2010 and was named “New Inheritors”. The most recent album that hit the shelves was in the year 2012 and was named “Hello Hum”, so if you are a fan of this band you have a chance to see it collaborate with Elliott Brood in an upcoming event titled the Wintersleep Elliott Brood show.
The other ensemble performing in the show is Elliott Brood that is a Canadian band which was created in the year 2002. The band is known to perform popular music that falls into the genre of country folk music and currently consists of three members. There is Mark Sasso who plays the guitar, harmonica and also provides his voice for lead vocals. The other bands members are Casey Laforet also providing lead vocals and guitar expertise, and lastly Stephen Pitkin playing sampler and percussion. The band Elliott Brood was formed by two members; Casey Laforet and Mark Sasso who were friends since childhood and started playing together after the completion of their high school. The two moved to Toronto and started their own band.
They started performing at night clubs in Toronto after taking on two more musicians onto their band, though their acquaintance was short-lived as these two members dropped from the band. After that Casey and Mark started recording their debut EP album that was named “Tin Type” which was released in the year 2004. The second album that the band came up with was in the year 2005 and was named “Ambassador”. The name of the album was given after a bridge in Toronto that connected Detroit and Windsor. The band has released a total of four albums, two more released in the year 2008 and then in the year 2011. The band has been nominated for quite a few awards out of which they have managed to win three awards that include the Galaxy Rising Star Award given in the year 2006 for their album Ambassador. The second award that they received was in the year 2011 that was the CBC Radio Bucky Award given for the most aired song “Northern Air” while the third award was for Favorite Folks Artist of the Year given by XM/Sirus Indies in the year 2012.
These two bands are now preparing to perform at an upcoming show for which cheap Wintersleep Elliott Brood tickets are now available, so get your share fast.

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