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Wilson Phillips is a three part girl group from Los Angeles, California. They came into prominence in the 1990s when boy bands were all the rage. Their first album was released in 1990; their eponymous debut arguably remains their best work to date. It sold over 10 million records and spawned many singles that topped the charts in many different countries. With this milestone, they held the record for being the best selling girl group of the time. Their song, “Hold On” was part of the youth culture and remains an iconic track even today. They won many awards, including the Billboard Music Award and received nods from the American Music Awards and the Grammys. Currently, they are working on their own reality show titled “Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On” which is scheduled to air on the “TV Guide Network”. They also continue to perform as a trio. They also have a huge fan following that religiously buys Wilson Phillips tickets for all their concerts and appearances.

About Wilson Phillips

The band is named after the last names of the three girls—Chynna Phillips, and the two Wilson sisters, Wendy and Carnie. These girls have the talent for music in their blood; they are the daughters of renowned musicians that have set milestones of their own. The sisters are the offspring of “The Beach Boys” member, Brian Wilson while Phillips is the daughter of Michelle and John from the band “Mamas and Papas”. It was customary that the girls would follow into their footsteps; the only challenge here was creating a legacy of their own and not always be known by their parents’ name. And create their own image they did. This was reflected in their sales, their popularity and their concert turn out. Each year, the girls would generate a significant amount of revenue simply by selling Wilson Phillips tickets for their concert tours. Through their performance, they would empower women and inspire them to become someone important.
The three were born and raised in California, where they spent most of their lives through the 70s and 80s. Through their parents’ influence, they learnt the art of songwriting from a very young age. Their deep and comprehensive musical knowledge helped them in developing a vocal harmony style that became unique only to them. When they released their first single in 1990, it immediately went number one, even beating “Vogue” by Madonna off the peak. This song became famous all over the world and was in the top 10 in many different countries including Australia, Sweden, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. It was also Billboard’s “Single of the Year” and won many other awards as well. The subsequent released from the album also reached number one. These songs were “You’re In Love” and “Release Me”. Two other singles from the album were released, and these managed to crack the top 10. “Impulsive” went to number 4, while “The Dream is Still Alive” peaked at number 12. They also performed a cover of the Elton John track, “Daniel” which reached number one on the charts, even though it was never officially released as a single. This was because the girls had become radio staple, and this cover was frequently requested by their fans.

By 1992, they were already declared as the best selling girl group of all time. Their first album was number two on Billboard 200, and sold a booming 5 million in the US alone. Around the rest of the world, they managed to sell over 10 million records. They even surpassed “The Supremes” who had previously held the honor of being the top female band. Their follow up record, “Shadows and Light” was released in 1992. This album took a completely different turn from the previous one and talked of more personal subjects. It was darker and more serious than the first. They sang of child abuse on tracks like “Where Were You”. They also talked of how they never truly connected with their fathers because they were always away with their bands. This subject was explored in “All the Way from New York” and “Flesh and Blood”. This album did better in the UK than it did in the UK. They disbanded in 1993, and it wasn’t until 10 years later that they decided to get back together. They haven’t looked back and have been performing together ever since. Lucky for their fans, they can get access to cheap Wilson Phillips tickets as well for they perform in smaller venues as well.

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